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Osaris is a personal digital assistant (PDA) featuring the EPOC operating system distributed by Oregon Scientific.

The Osaris was released in 1999, and at the time priced at £219.99–£279.99. The Osaris contains an 18.432 MHz CL-PS7111 (ARM 710) processor and is powered by two AA size batteries or external power (6 V), with a 3 volt CR2032 cell providing backup power. The display is a touchscreen, backlit 320×200 pixels with 16 greyscale levels. There are also 10 membrane keys, 5 on each side of the LCD. The Osaris can be linked to a PC via an RS232 link cable and IrDA (Infrared). The Osaris contains 8 MB of ROM, and, depending on the model, 4 MB, 8 MB or 16 MB RAM. The memory can also be expanded using Compact Flash.

  • Dimensions: 170 × 90 × 20 mm
  • Weight: c. 250 g

The Osaris is the only PDA to use the EPOC release 4 operating system. It also has the distinction of being the first device to run EPOC (later renamed Symbian OS) that was not built by Psion. It is very similar in capability to the Psion Series 5. The Osaris comes with the following programs preinstalled:

  • Agenda: For appointments & things to do, as well as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Data: For names & addresses (or any other database use)
  • Jotter: For making quick notes
  • Time: For alarms
  • Calc: For simple & scientific calculations
  • World: Shows a map, world times & dialling codes
  • Word: For writing letters & other documents
  • Sheet: For tables, spreadsheets & graphs
  • Program: Editor for writing your own programs