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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Osmund \Os"mund\, n. (Bot.) A fern of the genus Osmunda, or flowering fern. The most remarkable species is the osmund royal, or royal fern ( Osmunda regalis), which grows in wet or boggy places, and has large bipinnate fronds, often with a panicle of capsules at the top. The rootstock contains much starch, and has been used in stiffening linen.


n. any fern of the genus Osmunda: large ferns with creeping rhizomes; naked sporangia are on modified fronds that resemble flower clusters [syn: flowering fern]

Osmund (bishop of Salisbury)

Osmund (; died 3 December 1099), Count of Sées, was a Norman noble and clergyman. Following the Norman conquest of England, he served as Lord Chancellor (–1078) and as the second bishop of Salisbury (actually Old Sarum).


Osmund, Osmundus, Asmund or Åsmund is a Germanic name composed of the word Os/Ás meaning "god" and mund meaning "protection."

Osmund (bishop of London)


Osmund or Oswynus (died between 805 and 811) was a medieval Bishop of London.

Osmund was consecrated between 801 and 803 and died between 805 and 811.

Usage examples of "osmund".

The secret door that Ser Osmund had spoken of gaped open behind the ashes, no bigger than an oven.

Jaime had snarled at Boros Blount and Osmund Kettleblack later, in a dungeon that stank of blood and death.

Ser Osmund Kettleblack paced beside them in his white enamel plate and white wool cloak.

Ser Osmund Kettleblack fell in beside her on the steps, tall and lean in his Kingsguard whites.

Perhaps I need to command Ser Loras to allow Ser Osmund to unhorse him.

She was about to shout for Ser Osmund to defend her when the Knight of Flowers sank to one knee.

Ser Osmund went before her with a torch and Qyburn strolled along beside her.

The next day the queen came on Osmund Kettleblack in the yard, as he was sparring with one of the Redwyne twins.

It took him an eternity7 to bend his creaky knee before her, and once he had he could not rise again until Ser Osmund jerked him to his feet.

Pycelle struggled to rise, but took so long about it that she had to tell Osmund Kettleblack to give him another yank.

Ser Osmund is the brother of the man accusing her, which leaves only .

Boros is a craven, Meryn is old and slow, your brother is maimed, the other two are off in Dome, and Osmund is a bloody Kettleblack.

Your little wife has filled your head with foolish notions of his prowess, I know, but Osmund Kettleblack is thrice the knight that Loras is.

It took him an eternity to bend his creaky knee before her, and once he had he could not rise again until Ser Osmund jerked him to his feet.

Boros Blount, Meryn Trant, and Osmund Kettleblack, the last of the Kingsguard still remaining in the city.