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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A red-nosed ostler took their horses.
▪ An ostler took the cavalryman's horse while a liveried footman relieved him of his helmet and cumbersome sword.
▪ Carts full of precious belongings were being unloaded in the courtyards; ostlers, grooms and farriers shouted and yelled.
▪ Grooms and ostlers furnished us with horses for our journey.
▪ Grooms and ostlers were already in the yard.
▪ Horses rearing and neighing, as ostlers and stable-boys tried to calm them down and lead them away.
▪ The cries of ostlers, grooms, outriders, serjeants and clerks rang out.
▪ Yet another story tells of a young ostler who worked at the inn.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ostler \Ost"ler\, n. See Hostler.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., phonetic spelling of hostler.


alt. A person employed at an inn, hostelry, or stable to look after horses; a groom n. A person employed at an inn, hostelry, or stable to look after horses; a groom


n. someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses [syn: stableman, stableboy, groom, hostler]


Ostler is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Blake Ostler (born 1955), American attorney
  • Dominic Ostler (born 1970), English cricketer
  • Nicholas Ostler (born 1952), British linguist
  • William Ostler (died 1614), English actor
  • Rob Ostlere, English actor
  • Gordon Ostlere (born 1921), English surgeon and anaesthetist

The word itself is synonymous to stableman and is also spelled hostler.

Usage examples of "ostler".

I told an ostler to go and look for him, with the intention of reprimanding him sharply, even if he had gone for a necessary occasion, for we had no time to waste, not even thus.

An affable ostler had in vain endeavoured to engage him in conversation.

Elk here, and the ostler to walk the prisoner back to Lunn, if you would.

Stephen said, when he wants to do for him, and for all other and singular uneared wombs, the holy office an ostler does for the stallion.

He shool himself as he crossed the yard to where the young man stood kicking at stones with dusty hessians, watching the ostlers.

But then he seemed able to deal with any and every situation that occurred with unerring self-confidence, from petty thieves and amateur whipsters to eloping couples and driving a coach and four, not to mention giving orders to ostlers and innkeepers and making one and all jump to obey.

One was the ostler, and the other the Vicomte de Ganache, to whom you, monsieur, lent your horse this morning.

Josephine Middleton announced to the head ostler, every other ostler in the innyard, every servant and guest at the inn, and every inhabitant of the village beyond.

Nowadays its hundred or so blocks were the bright and lively haunt of alcoholics, agnostics, artists, atheists, beggars, cutthroats, deserters, drug dealers, evangelists, footpads, gentry, heathens, informers, jays, knife grinders, lesbians, libertines, mollyboys, musicians, navvies, ostlers, physicians, queers, recruiters, reformers, sailors, socialists, trulls, users, vagabonds, watchmakers, xenophiles, and yuppies.

Neither stable-boy nor ostler was here, and the unclean, overgrown urchin to whom I entrusted my horse could not say whether indeed Pere Abdon the landlord would be able to find me a room to sleep in.

Nanty emerged from the inn he found the galloways being put to the chaise by an obedient ostler.

Sharina shouted, ten feet short of the gate as the ostlers flung it open together.

One of the ostlers was limping about with a lame leg, and another had lost a mouthful of his coat, which came very near carrying a piece of his shoulder with it.

In the foreground several postillions and ostlers with relays of horses are waiting by the roadside, gazing northward and listening for sounds.

Here he is generally surrounded by an admiring throng of ostlers, stableboys, shoeblacks, and those nameless hangers-on that infest inns and taverns, and run errands and do all kind of odd jobs for the privilege of battening on the drippings of the kitchen and the leakage of the tap-room.