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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Osmose \Os"mose\ ([o^]z"m[=o]s), n. [Gr. ?, equiv. to ? impulse, fr. ? to push.] (Chemical Physics) (a) The tendency in fluids to mix, or become equably diffused, when in contact. Same as osmosis, which see.

Electric osmose, or Electric endosmose (Elec.), the transportation of a liquid through a porous septum by the action of an electric current.


osmosis \os*mo"sis\ ([o^]z*m[=o]"s[i^]s), n. [NL., fr. Gr. 'wsmo`s, equiv. to 'w^sis impulse, fr. 'wqei^n to push.] (Chemical Physics)

  1. The tendency in fluids to mix, or become equably diffused, when in contact. It was first observed between fluids of differing densities, and as taking place through a membrane or an intervening porous structure. An older term for the phenomenon was Osmose.

    Note: The more rapid flow from the thinner to the thicker fluid was then called endosmosis (formerly endosmose), and the opposite, slower current, exosmosis (formerly exosmose). Both are, however, results of the same force. Osmosis may be regarded as a form of molecular attraction, allied to that of adhesion. See also osmotic pressure.

  2. The action produced by this tendency.


vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To diffuse by osmosis. 2 (context transitive English) To cause to diffuse by osmosis.

Usage examples of "osmose".

Instead of eating apples, as Adam did, we work the fruit up into apple-jack and pie, while even the simple oyster is perverted, and instead of being allowed to fatten up in the fall on acorns and ancient mariners, spurious flesh is put on his bones by the artificial osmose and dialysis of our advanced civilization.

One who cannot osmose through material things must remain within the bounds about its body.

An Oti can osmose through matter without trouble or danger, if it exists in a medium hospitable to his life-form.

Still, he was the more mobile of the two, as Linda was swaddled in smartcasts that both immobilized her and massaged her, all the while osmosing transdermal antiinflammatories and painkillers.

If only Zane could have osmosed a single gene from his foster father .