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Ōsumi can stand for:

  • Ōsumi Province, a former province of Japan
  • Ōsumi Peninsula
  • Ōsumi Islands, an archipelago at the northern end of the Ryukyu Islands
  • Ōsumi (satellite), the first Japanese satellite
  • Ōsumi class LST, a class of Japanese Amphibious transport dock
  • Baron Mineo Ōsumi, a Japanese admiral
Ōsumi (satellite)

Ōsumi (or Ohsumi) is the name of the first Japanese satellite put into orbit, named after the Ōsumi Province in the southern islands of Japan. It was launched on February 11, 1970 at 04:25 UTC with a Lambda 4S-5 rocket from Uchinoura Space Center by Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science, University of Tokyo, now part of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Japan became the fourth nation after the USSR, United States and France to release an artificial satellite into successful orbit on its own.