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a.out about absut adout aglut agout aleut almut alout amaut ammut amrut angut anout anput arjut arkut armut arnut arout asaut askut asput asyut atout aygut aykut azmut bafut bahut balut barut basut bayut beaut becut begut belut benut besut bgmut bilut blout bogut bonut borut bosut brout bulut bunut burut butut cabut calut canut caout caput chout claut clout cqout crout cunut d=out dahut dakut debut dedut degut delut donut drout edlut eleut elout enrut erdut flout galut gamut garut ghaut glout goout greut grout gruut hahut haput harut herut hieut hunut iarut idjut imout imput incut inout input ionut irkut isbut iskut isout itout iuput jacut jarut jetut jieut kahut kajut kaput karut klout knout kohut kokut kolut kosut kraut krout ksout lafut lagut lamut larut lieut lomut lorut lukut lumut magut mahut mamut maqut marut masut mazut melut meout mesut morut murut mxout nabut nalut navut ninut nobut nocut nofut nohut nygut obout okbut okrut olnut omout orkut orout oubut pesut pilut piyut plaut pleut plout polut prout pshut pujut pulut qunut rabut re'ut rebut recut refut regut reput risut ryaut sabut sahut salut samut sarut scaut schut scout serut setut shout sibut sicut sieut simut siout skeut skout smout snout sogut solut sovut spaut spout sprut staut stout strut su`ut sugut sulut sumut suput t-nut tabut takut talut thout tieut tiout tocut treut trout tumut turut uncut unnut unput upcut upput urgut urkut urzut v-hut virut weput wikut wrout x-out xdout xsout yakut yamut yaqut ydout yomut z-out zabut zagut

Word usage examples

Travel writers wrote about its Asiatic tribes, the Tungus and the Yakuts and the Buriats, without ever mentioning the settled Russian population in Siberia, even though it was already sizeable.

All sorts were there, Yakuts, Evenks, Yukagir, Chukchi yes, Chukchi, too.

In other words, Ibn Mukla was the first who changed the Kufic into the new Naskhi character, which Ibn Bawwab improved after him by imparting rotundity and clearness to the new letters, and which Ibn Yakut Al-Mausili brought afterwards to the greatest perfection in A.

And we Yakuts make the best kumys in the world, though other tribes make it too.

Hudson Bay Eskimos, Chukchi shamans, Lapps, Yakuts, Semang pygmies, the North Borneo cults, the Trhi-speaking priests of Ghana.

Their names are just as celebrated for Thuluth and Talik writing as were formerly those of Ibn Bawwab, of Ibn Hilal, and of Yakut are for Naskhi.

The Koriak, Yakut, and Lamut peoples had only a smattering of the language.

Shortly afterward, he ran away from his state school and traveled with Yakut nomads to the Arctic Circle to hunt polar foxes.

After we returned from searching your vessel, weput our plan into action.

I were very busy on this morning getting the house in order to be closed upputting covers on the furniture and locking up the valuables.