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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ghat \Ghat\ Ghaut \Ghaut\, n. [Hind. gh[=a]t.]

  1. A pass through a mountain. [India]
    --J. D. Hooker.

  2. A range of mountains.
    --Balfour (Cyc. of Ind. ).

  3. Stairs descending to a river; a landing place; a wharf. [India]


n. (alternative form of ghat English)


A ghaut can be:

  • a ghat
  • in the Caribbean, a steep ravine leading to the sea

Usage examples of "ghaut".

His dam came down from Khalsa ghaut and hunted the forest for nine years before she killed a woman at the water-hole, and I had to do my bit.

Kelly took command of the force, and begged the Rajah to advance with his horsemen, at once, to the foot of the ghauts, to break it up into half troops, and to capture or destroy any small parties of horse Tippoo might send down, by any of the passes, to reconnoitre the country and ascertain the movements and strength of the British forces.

The people in the villages on the top of the ghauts are, every one says, simple and quiet.

You would hardly climb the ghauts and light upon a village in one day, and it might be necessary to go farther, before you could obtain any news.

I think we have thrown them well off the scent, and unless the officer suspects that we have only gone the other way to deceive him, and that we are really making for the ghauts, we shall hear nothing more of them.

He had a crafty face, and as we said we belonged to a village down the ghauts, he may have a suspicion that we have been trying to throw him off our scent, and think we should be sure to double back and make for home.

I expect the man they have got as a guide has been in the habit of going down the ghauts, and knows his way.

We have news that, just after Colonel Maxwell effected his junction with General Meadows, near Caveripatam, and was about to ascend the ghauts by the Tapour pass, Tippoo came down by that very route, slipped past them, and is marching on to Trichinopoly.

Some natives were paid heavily to endeavour to make their way to Abercrombie, with orders for him to retire down the ghauts again into Malabar.

I speak the dialect like a native, I have learnt a good deal of it, and can speak it quite as well as the natives of the ghauts and outlying provinces.

Periodically, raids were made upon the villages and plains by marauders from the hills, but these were mostly by the passes through the ghauts, thirty or forty miles left or right from the little state which, nestling at the foot of the hills, for the most part escaped these visitations--which, now that the British had become possessed of the territories and the hills, had, it was hoped, finally ceased.

Dick and Surajah found that their dialect differed much more from that of the country below the ghauts than they had expected and, although they had no difficulty in conversing with the peasants, they found that their idea that they would be able to pass as natives of one of these villages was an altogether erroneous one.

When we get down the ghauts I shall hand you over to the care of my mother, who is living at present at Tripataly with her brother, the Rajah.

I intend to stay at Tripataly for a fortnight, with my mother, and shall then come up the ghauts again.

They were to ride up the ghauts, to the frontier line at Amboor, two troopers accompanying them to bring back their horses.