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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aleut \Aleut\ n. a member of the people inhabiting the Aleutian Islands. Same as Aleutian, n.

Syn: Aleutian.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

native of the Aleutian Islands, 1780, of unknown origin, probably from a native word. First applied by Russian explorers c.1750, perhaps from Alut, name of a coastal village in Kamchatka [Bright]. Their name for themselves is unangax.


The Aleut people , also referred to as the "Unangan", are the indigenous people of the Aleutian Islands and Shumagin Islands of Alaska, United States and Kamchatka Krai, Russia.

Usage examples of "aleut".

But on the way one Indian had fired at the darkey and wounded the Aleut in the leg.

Gaff or paddle in hand, the Aleut leaps from rock to rock, or dashes among the tumbling beds of tossed kelp.

If it is warm weather, the Aleut will turn his skin skiff upside down, crawl into the hole head first and sleep there.

Let the wind roar above and the ice bang the shore rocks, the Aleut swathed in furs sleeps sound close to earth.

When pressed for room, the Aleut has been known to crawl head foremost, body whole, right under the manhole and lie there prone between the feet of the paddlers with nothing between him and the abysmal depths of a hissing sea but the parchment keel of the bidarka, thin as paper.

Not a word is spoken, but so keen is the hearing of the sleeping otter, the drip of the lifted paddle has not splashed into the sea before the otter has awakened, looked and dived like lightning to the bottom of the sea before one of the Aleut hunters can hurl his spear.

Perhaps, poor Drusenin was not above swaggering a little, belted in the gay uniform Russian officers loved to wear, to the confounding of the poor Aleut who looked on the pistols in belt, the cutlass dangling at heel, the bright shoulder straps and colored cuffs, as insignia of a power almighty.

Now, whether the Aleut had counted burning fagots, or kept tally some other way, the count was up.

The warning of danger was from the mother of the little Aleut, who reported that sixty hostiles were advancing on the ship under pretence of trading sea-otter.

Indian women and children would be left at the Russian fort as hostages of good conduct, and at the head of as many as four, five hundred, a thousand Aleut Indian hunters who had been bludgeoned, impressed, bribed by the promise of firearms to hunt for the Cossacks, six Russians would set out to coast a tempestuous sea for a thousand miles in frail boats made of parchment stretched on whalebone.

Savages warned him from the island, threatening death to the Aleut Indian hunters he had brought.

The Aleut Indian hunters, who had become panic-stricken, gradually regained sufficient courage again to follow the Russians eastward.

As for the foreign fur traders, he conceived the brilliant plan of buying food from them in exchange for Russian furs and of supplying them with brigades of Aleut Island hunters to scour the Pacific for sea-otter from Nootka and the Columbia to southern California.

On the second week of April, 1799, with two vessels, twenty-two Russians, and three hundred and fifty canoes of Aleut fur hunters, Baranof sailed from Prince William Sound for the southeast.

Wash reached the cover of the Aleut accused by him of aiming directly to finish the Shanghai rooster, and before that startled aborigine could escape, he was disarmed by the black man and dragged across the intervening space to the fort.