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Usage examples of "lieut".

As the alarm was repeated when a few Fenian horsemen were observed advancing from around the corner of a piece of bush, Lieut.

McCallum and his detachment had fought themselves clear of the range of the Fenian rifles and retired down the River Road about three miles, where they were discovered by Lieut.

As soon as the news of the incursion of the Mohmands was received in Peshawar, a flying column was mobilised and proceeded under the command of Lieut.

They saw Mortlake clamber heavily into the machine, followed by Lieut.

On the drive back to Sandy Beach, the old banker and Mortlake occupied the front seat, while Roy and Lieut.

On our arrival in Scarborough we had a talk from our Flight Commander, Flt. Lieut.

I felt my rigid lips creak apart, and my head tilt back to aim at what I took to be Flt. Lieut.