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Lamut may be:

  • Lamut, Ifugao, in the Philippines
  • Lamuts, more commonly known as Evens, an ethnic group of Russia
  • Lamut language, more commonly known as the Even language

Usage examples of "lamut".

Everywhere he went, there seemed to be a plethora of baronial tabards, each bearing a different crest, although he knew that there were only a dozen or so barons that were fealty-bound to the Earl of LaMut.

Tsurani: they would be here in LaMut, and barons at a council in LaMut would only have had their own personal guard, so any hostility between the various elements would have been a minor problem, rather than a serious threat.

And yes, it had been important to separate the factions of these fractious barons in this once-in-a-lifetime combination of too many of the wrong troops in LaMut, too few of the right ones, and a blizzard locking them all in the city.

Tsurani scout does presage a Tsurani drive to the east, much less a late-winter one, but if it does, given their numbers and the number of the Muts standing in their way, they could run through LaMut and not slow down until they reached Loriel.

Tsurani troops put the red flower to every thatched roof in his barony last autumn, forcing the Baron now to spend sizeable sums for the hire of carpenters, daubers, and thatchers, but the mud and straw of LaMut invariably crumbled if a harsh thought was sent in its direction.

But she and her two maids were due in Mondegreen, to minister to the ailing baron and accompany him back to LaMut for the Baronial Council - or, at least, she was due to stay out of noble beds in LaMut for the time being - and Baron Morray had insisted that the patrol might as well swing north to guard her on her way home.

Lady Mondegreen to LaMut, for the same baronial council that Baron Verheyen is going to attend.

With dozens of messages quite literally flying back and forth in advance of the general staff meeting in Yabon and the Baronial Council in LaMut, the stock of pigeons was far too low for his taste.

Mondegreen had long been too frail for frequent trips into LaMut during the war, which is why Morray had been appointed by the Earl's father, and confirmed by Earl Vandros, as the Military Bursar, and from what Pirojil could see, that had meant, in practice, that he was also holding down Mondegreen's more general bursarial duties on behalf of the earldom, as well.

He and some other farmers were caravanning grain down to LaMut for the army.

These rank tabs were a temporary brevetting, and if this news presaged some new major Tsurani movement into Yabon, the idea of getting out of LaMut had even more appeal than it had before.

The Koriak, Yakut, and Lamut peoples had only a smattering of the language.

While two of the three playhouses in the city had been shut down early in the war, LaMut was still the cultural capital of the earldom, as well as the political one, and it was understandable that the nobility would want to spend time in the capital for any number of reasons.

If she wanted to rule in LaMut it would have to be as the wife of the man to follow young Vandros.

Morray and Lady Mondegreen were going away to become a country baron and lady and do their best never to set foot in LaMut again, for fear that Verheyen might think they were gathering support against him, no matter what Morray had sworn.