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Mesut is a German given name for males, derived from the Arabic name Masoud. People named Mesut include:

  • Mesut of Menteşe (died 1319), Turkish bey
  • Mesut Bakkal (born 1964), Turkish football manager
  • Mesut Cemil (1902–1963), Turkish composer and musician
  • Mesut Darendeli (born 1980), Turkish American entrepreneur
  • Mesut Doğan (born 1982), Turkish Austrian futsal player
  • Mesut İktu (born 1947), Turkish voice musician
  • Mesut Mert (born 1978), Canadian footballer
  • Mesut Özgür (born 1990), Turkish footballer
  • Mesut Özil (born 1988), German footballer
  • Mesut Yılmaz (born 1947), former Prime Minister of Turkey