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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Anne, smiling innocently, handed the guard a couple of donuts on the way by.
▪ Glen we called him country no he was donut.
▪ On the concrete floor inside are tire tracks, and skid marks where kids have done wheelies or donuts.
▪ She is eating a donut, and the powdered sugar makes more spots on her dress.
▪ She takes out another donut, breaks it in half and offers it to me.
▪ The donuts turned out to be lousy.
▪ They shared a box of donuts and talked some more.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see doughnut. It turns up as an alternate spelling in U.S. as early as 1870 ("Josh Billings"), common from c.1920 in names of bakeries. Halliwell ("Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words," 1847) has donnut "a pancake made of dough instead of batter," which Bartlett (1848) writes "is no doubt the same word" as the American one.


n. 1 (context North America English) A deep-fried piece of dough or batter, commonly made in a toroidal or ellipsoidal shape, and mixed with various sweeteners and flavors, sometimes filled with jelly, custard or cream. 2 (context North America English) Anything in the shape of a torus 3 (context North America automobile English) a peel-out or skid-mark in the shape of donut; a 360-degree skid. 4 (context North America English) A spare tire, smaller and less durable than a full-sized tire, only intended for temporary use. 5 A toroidal cushion typically used by hemorrhoid patients.


n. a small ring-shaped friedcake [syn: doughnut, sinker]


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Usage examples of "donut".

Said if we needed to get him we could look up a friend of his called Donut in Valley Green.

There was a time when Donut had fantasized about being an actor his own self, but every mirror he looked into told him different, and eventually reality had beaten down those dreams.

Long as Donut had known him, that was the way Mario stood: slouched, his hand in his pocket, needy eyed, always wanting something.

I could, but, as I told you, this is not a donut wagon that stops to sell donuts.

Outside the window wall a seagull landed on one of the ornamental mooring posts, and tucked his wings up and turned his head in profile checking for the remnants of a bite-sized donut hole that someone might have dropped, or a stray French fry.

She picked up one of the donuts between her thumb and forefinger and broke off a crumb and put the rest of the donut back.

I ate the other half of my first donut and drank some coffee, and looked at her.

The woman behind the counter offered a donut off the rack, but a fresh batch was coming out of the fryer, so Pollard opted to wait.

She went inside, collected her donut with a cup of black coffee, then went back to her table to resume reading.

Pollard finished the last article and realized her donut had grown cold.

Pollard sat with her dead phone and cold donut, reviewing their conversation.

Sanders pinched her donut between her thumb and forefinger, and ticked off the points she wanted to make on her remaining fingers.

Delaney fished a donut from the box, but seemed uncertain where to put it and had probably taken it only to be polite.

The Gray Man had a moment of disapproval and then had a donut instead.

But apparently everybody on OB was busy and I was the only one stuffing my mouth with a jelly donut when the call came down that you all needed some help in your unit.