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Söğüt is a town and district of Bilecik Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. Söğüt has an area of and borders Bilecik to the west, Gölpazarı to the north, İnhisar to the northeast, Tepebaşı (Eskişehir) to the southeast, and Bozüyük to the southwest. The 2000 census put the population at 21,012 citizens, and according to a 2010 estimate, the population was 19,425. Söğüt has 5 boroughs and 23 villages. One of these villages, Çaltı (Formerly Küre also has municipality till 2009), have a municipality. Söğüt is 31 km away from Bilecik and 52 km away from Eskişehir. It depends economically on Eskişehir. The mayor is Osman Güneş ( AKP). Historically it was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire from its formation in 1299 to 1335.

Söğüt (disambiguation)

Söğüt is a district of Bilecik Province, Turkey.

Söğüt (literally "willow" in Turkish) may also refer to:

  • Söğüt, Burdur, a town in Çavdır district of Burdur Province, Turkey
  • Söğüt Dam, a dam in Kütahya Province, Turkey