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Herut (, Freedom) was the major right-wing nationalist political party in Israel from 1948 until its formal merger into Likud in 1988. It was an adherent of Revisionist Zionism and was initially known in part for its militia actions; it became more moderate from 1951.

Herut (disambiguation)

Herut (, lit. Freedom) may refer to:

  • Herut, the major right-wing party in Israel until its merger into Likud.
  • Herut (Germany), socialist organization ( Labor Zionism) in Berlin in 1901 (Ze'ew-Wolf Latzki-Bertholdi at the Electronic Jewish Encyclopedia).
  • Herut (newspaper), the name of a four different newspapers in Palestine and Israel between 1909 and 1965.
  • Herut – The National Movement, a new Herut party created in 1998 by dissenting Likud members.
  • Herut, Israel, a moshav in central Israel
  • Beit Herut, a moshav in central Israel
Herut (newspaper)

Herut (, lit. Freedom) was the name of four newspapers published in Palestine and later Israel. The first was established in Jerusalem during the Ottoman era, two were journals of the Irgun, whilst the fourth was owned by the Herut political party founded by former Irgun members.