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Smout is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Christopher Smout (born 1933), Scottish academic, historian, and author
  • Dominicus Smout (before 1671 – after 1733) Flemish painter
  • Edward Smout (1898–2004), Australian soldier
  • Kees Smout (1876-1961), Dutch sculptor
  • Lucas Smout the Elder (f 1631 - 1674), Flemish painter
  • Lucas Smout the Younger (1671 – 1713), Flemish painter

Smoot, Smootz, Smot, Smut, and Smutz are also American and European surnames derived from the name Smout.

Usage examples of "smout".

Daniel Smout is - or was - a medium-ranking arms dealer who's been in prison in Baghdad for the last five years, charged at first with spying and then convicted of drug smuggling.

The trouble is my theory's looking shakier all the time because McDunn's convinced me it really was all just a smoke-screen: there is no Ares project, never was any Ares project, and Smout in his prison in Baghdad isn't connected to the guys that died.

Hey,' he laughs, 'maybe there _was_ some heinous plot linking those five dead guys, but if so I've no idea what it was, and as far as I know there's no link between them and Smout and Azul.