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Iuput A or simply Iuput, was High Priest of Amun from 944 to 924 BCE, during the reigns of his father Shoshenq I and his brother Osorkon I.

Iuput held a variety of titles including high priest of Amun, generalissimo and army-leader and Governor of Upper Egypt.

It is not known who Iuput's mother was, but it is assumed that Lady Tashepenbast was his sister. Nimlot B and Osorkon I were (half-)brothers of Iuput. Iuput's daughter by an unknown wife was named Nesikhonsupakhered. She was the wife of Djedkhonsiufankh, who was a fourth priest of Amun.

Iuput (disambiguation)

Iuput or Auput was a personal ancient Egyptian name mainly used during the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt. Some notable bearers were:

  • Iuput (A), High priest of Amun in Thebes during the 22nd Dynasty
  • Iuput I, pharaoh, coregent of Pedubast I of the 23rd Dynasty
  • Iuput II, ruler of Leontopolis at the end of the 23rd Dynasty