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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ All the input data is then processed to produce the nitrogen application maps.
▪ The internal layers form an intermediate representation of the input data.
▪ The methodology is operationalized in a macro which calls a separate program to perturb the input data without changing the topology.
▪ In order for the neural network software to recognize the input data, we must enter each image or number serially.
▪ The K lines from this circuit are linked to the input data lines on the K nodes.
▪ The harder part is to decode the input data submitted from the form.
▪ All the input data had to be available, and it had to be input in a pre-determined sequence. 6.
▪ This requirement may necessitate preprocessing of input data.
▪ The keyboard is the input device.
▪ Using this method, the input device is an optical scanner, which captures the image as a pixel representation.
▪ Write an interrupt routine to service input device one. 1.7.
▪ Extend your answer to problem 1.6 so that it deals with any number of input devices.
▪ In the longer term, voice input devices have potential for field data collection.
▪ This page displays details of each data item held in the cache for the current input field.
▪ Allows the user to visit any input field of an option directly.
▪ To begin with, the signal current source in the output is only constant if the input signal current is constant.
▪ Using this error, weights are changed in proportion to the error times the input signal.
▪ You drive the circuit with a square wave input signal a shown.
▪ It must evaluate the input signals, determining the strength of each one.
▪ In other words, they only respond to the differential of input signal waveforms to create single transistor hi-pass filters.
▪ If the total strength of the input signals exceeds a certain threshold, the unit sends a signal on to other units.
▪ Suppose that an input signal with Fourier transform is applied to a four-terminal network for which the transfer function is.
▪ Weights are adaptive coefficients within the network that determine the intensity of the input signal.
▪ Their input systems function adequately, but their thinking lacks the full, holistic character of normal thought.
▪ We wish to distinguish between lexical input systems, lexical output systems, and a semantic system.
▪ It is a matter of their input systems being tuned to the contours of this physical and this social reality.
▪ I think that this kind of objection rests upon a false way of thinking about the information that the input system provides.
▪ Mark - field for user input.
▪ Highly recommended TableCurve is intended to be a fast, one-pass curve-fitting program, with minimal user input.
▪ If we truly want democracy, we need this sort of input.
▪ At this stage we need to get input from the person responsible for doing this chunk of the project.
▪ However, restoration of priceless cultural objects needs the continued input of advanced technology.
▪ Inspection of the above training set indicates that we will need a five-element input layer.
▪ I do not need your input on the subject.
▪ He needs auditory input from people who care, who love him.
▪ The theoretical modelling will extend and integrate existing work and provide an input into ongoing constitutional debates.
▪ Some devices generate a visually displayed token that can be entered as a one-time password, and others provide direct electronic input.
▪ This provides a relatively high input impedance looking into their bases and a low output impedance at the emitters.
▪ Known portions of information in the vector are filled in to provide the input.
▪ The solution to our problems as teachers, then, is to provide comprehensible input.
▪ A caching facility is provided to allow frequently input data to be stored and quickly recalled to reduce keyboard input.
▪ They assumed he would provide a technical input but underestimated the degree of creative guidance he would proffer.
▪ It should be noted however, that many computer applications may not require recognition of pen input.
▪ Each image, or numeral, then requires an input containing 28 digits made up of only 0s and 1s.
▪ This option requires only the input of a title.
▪ However, most neural networks are not user-friendly and require considerable input data preparation and output data interpretation.
▪ Security: where confidentiality is required, speech input could be overheard and therefore unsuitable.
▪ Each page has fields which require input.
▪ The power produced drops off as the harmonic number increases, so to generate the higher harmonics requires much higher input intensity.
▪ Many models require some lateral cyclic input to assist in making a stable flat turn.
▪ We value the input of everyone who answered the questionnaire.
▪ Here the half-section is said to convert the load to impedance at the input.
▪ I do not need your input on the subject.
▪ Moreover, the introduction of notepad style computers will necessitate non-keyboard input.
▪ Seven people have been involved in making the banners over the years, with input and ideas from many others.
▪ The impedance of the battery alone is enough to regulate their input.
▪ Thus, when one energy form is converted to another, output is the same as input.
▪ Consider ways to provide language input as well as ways to elicit students' previous knowledge and ideas.
▪ A parser is a program which takes as input a sentence and a grammar, and which constructs such a parse tree.
▪ Handwritten data is input to a computer via an electronic tablet which accurately captures x, y coordinate information of pen-tip movement.
▪ There are two methods by which text may be input to a computer for the purpose of recognition.
▪ The method by which the text is to be input to the computer is also important.
▪ It is empty and therefore requires the user to input data.
▪ Neural networks deal only with numeric input data.
▪ This rudimentary system is now ready for the user to input data.
▪ Clerical staff who may be required to input data into the system will be expected to train in order to use the system.
▪ But the major obstacle to wider use of computers for textual processing is the time taken to input data.
▪ In order to input text it is still necessary to use the keyboard.
▪ The user inputs the data, and the computer stores it in its memory.
▪ We're currently inputting the names and addresses of all our customers into a database.
▪ Objections are frequently raised by affected personnel, and methods to input documents automatically are thus highly desirable.
▪ The user then has to input the date and it is against this date that all transactions will be checked.
▪ We can also let any point inside the cube be input too.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1793, "a sum (of cash) put in," from in + put. Computing sense of "data fed into a machine" is from 1948; the verb in the computing sense is attested from 1946. There was a Middle English verb input (late 14c.) meaning "to put in, place, set," but it died out long before this.


n. 1 The act or process of putting in; infusion. 2 That which is put in, as in an amount. 3 contribution, or share in a contribution. 4 Something fed into a process with the intention of it shaping or affecting the outputs of that process. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To put in; put on. 2 (context transitive English) To enter#Verb dat

  1. 3 (context transitive English) To accept data that is entered.

  1. n. signal going into an electronic system [syn: input signal]

  2. any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action [syn: stimulation, stimulus, stimulant]


v. enter (data or a program) into a computer


Input may refer to:

  • Advice (opinion), an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action or conduct
  • Input (computer science), the act of entering data into a computer or data processing system
    • Information, any data entered into a computer or data processing system
    • Input/output
    • Input method
    • Input device, any peripheral (piece of computer hardware equipment) used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system (such as a computer)
  • Stimulus (physiology), a detectable change in the environment that influences an activity of an organism
  • Power consumption, an amount of power used by a system
  • International Public Television Screening Conference (INPUT), an international public television organization
  • In economics, a factor of production, a resource employed to produce goods and services
Input (computer science)

In computer science, the general meaning of input is to provide or give something to the computer, in other words the state/act of a computer, component of a computer or relevant device being accepting something from the user, from a device or from a piece of software either automatically or manually is called input.

We categorize computer devices as input devices because we use these devices to send instructions to the computer, we are sending our "Input" to the computer, some common examples of computer input devices are:

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Touchscreen
  • Microphone
  • Webcam

We may also call some inner parts of the computer as input components to the other components, like the power-on button of a computer is an input component for the processor or the power supply, because it takes user input and sends it to other components for further processing.

In many computer languages the keyword "input" is used as a special keyword or function, such as in Visual Basic or Python, the word "input" is used to get text input from the user.

Input (talk show)

Input was a Sunday morning talk show that aired on Channel 10 in Philadelphia in the 1960s and 70s. Its focus was on social justice topics.

Usage examples of "input".

Kelly was busy running an acceleration recompute when the update for this particular maneuver came in, so I took over the computer and input the change.

In this system it is possible to replace the tactile, behavioural stimulus by its neurophysiological analogue, that is, by direct electrical stimulation of the sensory nerve inputs.

By the mid-1970s, it was clear that neither sensory inputs nor motor outputs had properties which corresponded to the behavioural habituation, as neither showed such decrements in electrical response.

Indeed it is even possible to produce a form of associative learning in which behavioural and neurophysiological inputs are mixed.

But this peripheral vision processes input very fast, with visual information reaching the brain and mind more rapidly than from the binocular area.

In most humans the input and reactions were woven into a snarl that even biofeedback training could barely begin to unravel.

We completely short the input, et cetera, but how do we make with a gadget like that?

The end of the energy input was sensed immediately by the water coolant flowing in the fuel elements that no longer were super-hot.

The primary coolant, without the heat input from the nuclear fissions, had cooled to 350 degrees.

America new crashes, derailments and rail accidents were being reported, Smith input these new destinations into his exploding data base.

Bigelow built into their prototype predictor the feedback circuits needed to incorporate the tracking data derived from radar signals reflecting off enemy warplanes, and to feed that stream of new inputs to the computers targeting apparatus.

The hov jerked and rose up, following a previously inputted flight path.

DC voltage from any AC input up to a kilovolt at any frequency from fifty hertz to a kilohertz.

But next day they showed up unexpectedly at the Karmology Clinic with some input relating to Vietnam in general and Ortho Bob Dulang in particular, tales of who bought what in the Ton Son Nhut latrine while bats intercepted the legendary oversize mosquitoes, who entered wailing a hot bounded world they might, at the last moment, have recognized, and stoned bat-fishermen cast their hooked lines upward into the dark .

He turned to the control console and began inputting new instructions, altering the spacial and temporal paradigms.