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vb. to cut again

Usage examples of "recut".

Nicolazic, obsede par une idee fixe, alla trouver le recteur de Pluneret, qui le recut fort mal et le renvoya rudement a son seigle et a ses betes.

If the Montegeau stones were recut to maximize brilliance, it would increase their value by half, at least.

My pavilion alone they spared, but I had it dismantled and recut to make flies and bandages.

These days Robert rarely went directly to the house but turned down an old path, now recut and reopened among the thistles and buttercups, to a landing in a half-creek of the main river, to where the fine though faded hull of an old Isle of Wight paddle steamer lay.

Hadden had followed through on his promise about the front-office clothing, and Allesandro, who ran a beauty salon when he was not planting trees, had sat her down in his chair, looked intently into her face with dark, starlit eyes, and then had recut her hair into a simple but elegant coif that she had never thought possible for her lank and mousy locks.

It had remained alarmingly clear of overgrowth, though Lesh said it had not been recut this spring.

The meadow was being recut, the great red poppies were reopening in the garden.

It is not crushed to the required pulp in the ordinary manner, but cut and recut so that the food cells in the meat are not crushed and considerable food value is lost.

But there is a further pitfall they fail to take into account -- distributors frequently elect to recut foreign films themselves, sometimes for no other reason than the film is a bit long for their tastes, and they have been known on occasion to make their cuts by simply removing a reel.

The Koh-i-noor before it was recut in London weighed a mere 191 carats, and was certainly not a rose cut.

Nationale lui avait otes, il recut celui de commandant de la garde nationale de Vernon.

Elmina recut a cast-off evening coat belonging to her cousin Geoffrey, deepest midnight blue, and had bullied her elderly maid into creating a pair of buff inexpressibles that clung to her long limbs as if molded to them.

Once Ish found him cutting different-shaped triangles from pieces of paper and then recutting the ends from each triangle and placing them together to form a straight line.

The studio shells out somewhere between fifteen and a hundred million dollars to make a film, then asks the director to recut it based on the opinions of a Santa Barbara multiplex audience composed of hairdressers, meter maids, shoe-store clerks, and out-of-work pizza-delivery guys.

Mixed and remixed with thirty other presidents you had to recut and repaste to win a fast ten bucks.