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Prout may refer to:

People with the surname Prout:

  • Christopher Prout, Baron Kingsland (1942–2009), British politician
  • Ebenezer Prout (1835–1909), English composer, music theorist, writer and teacher
  • Elizabeth Prout (1820–1864), Catholic nun and Servant of God
  • Francis Sylvester Mahony (1804–1866), Irish humorist known as Father Prout
  • Frank Prout (1921–2011), British canoer
  • Gavin Prout (born 1978), Canadian lacrosse player
  • George Prout (1878 – c. 1980), Canadian politician
  • John Skinner Prout (1805–1876), artist, nephew of Samuel Prout
  • John T. Prout (1880–1969), Irish American soldier
  • Kirsten Prout (born 1990), Canadian actress
  • Louis Beethoven Prout (1864–1943), English entomologist and musicologist, son of Ebenezer Prout
  • Richard Prout (born 1967), British entrepreneur, founder of Intracus Ltd
  • Roland Prout (1920–1997), British canoer
  • Samuel Prout (1783–1852), British watercolourist
  • Victor Albert Prout (1835–1877), British portrait painter and professional photographer
  • Victor William Prout (1862–1950), son of Victor Albert Prout
  • William Prout (1785–1850), English chemist and physicist
  • William C. Prout (1886–1927), American athlete


  • Progressive Utilization Theory
  • Prout College
  • Prout (unit), unit of nuclear binding energy
  • Prout School, a high school in Rhode Island, United States
  • Prout's hypothesis
  • Prouts Neck, Maine
  • Reliques of Father Prout

Usage examples of "prout".

Jonathan Prout was not murdered anywhere near the holy well in which he was found.

Carrack was wild to have her, being in bad health, and Jessie Prout cared for the Carracks more than anything else in the world.

Then Prout came home, saw Robert had grown desperate like himself, and suspected and got nasty.

Lieutenant Prout practiced injecting hog hormones into an orange in his office the day before the trip.

Vietnamese animal husbanders were standing behind the new metal fencing when Lieutenant Prout showed them how to stab the Yorkshire hog, so they got an excellent panoramic view of the hog pretending to be a bucking bronco, or one of those Brahma bulls, that jump into the air and simultaneously twist energetically, with enough force to throw Swedish syringes out of their bones if they have any stuck in them.

When Lieutenant Prout fell down from the shock and surprise, to say nothing of the pain, he grabbed the syringe in just the right way to inject himself with what was left of the swine hormones and, of course, whatever other hog fluids the needle had picked up on its journey between the species.

After all, they did pull Lieutenant Prout out of graduate school to make him breed pigs in Vietnam.

Tyler looked at Lieutenant Prout but were too afraid to look at Captain Haven.

Jarvis and Webster, fall to baling: and you, Prout, hand us over the tiller and dig out something for breakfast.

Mighty queer ways of spending wealth he mentioned, too, before Prout was up and, yelling at him for a thief and supplanter, drove at his throat with a knife.

But there had come a day when Jarvis and Prout sent aft very respectfully to beg that there might be no more of it, for it dragged across their raw nerves: and from that hour the guitar had lain in its case.

Master Prout, who, however, easily eluded the blow of the intoxicated man.

The other two sailors now manifested some intention of coming to the assistance of their superior, but were held back by the citizens, and restrained, moreover, by a knowledge of the formidable power of Master Prout, who was well known as a sort of censor or guardian of the morals of the place, appointed by the magistrates.

Master Prout, thereupon drawing a chair, placed it immediately in front of the captain, and seated himself, while mine host held the delinquent fast.

Having thus spoken, Master Prout rose, and deliberately clapping his steeple-crowned hat upon his head, stalked demurely out of the apartment, satisfied that after his rebuke the company would be unable to obtain any more strong potations.