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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a German" (especially a German soldier), 1841, but popularized during World War I, from German kraut "cabbage," considered a characteristic national dish.


n. 1 sauerkraut. 2 (alternative form of Kraut nodot=1 English) (gloss: German).


Kraut is a German word recorded in English from 1918 onwards as a derogatory term for a German, particularly a German soldier during World War I and World War II. Its earlier meaning in English was as a synonym for sauerkraut, a traditional Central and Eastern European food.

Kraut (band)

Kraut was a New York City punk rock/ hardcore punk band formed in 1981. The original members were Davy Gunner (vocals), Doug Holland (guitar/vocals) Don Cowan (bass/vocals), and Johnny Feedback (drums/vocals).

Kraut (disambiguation)

Kraut is an ethnic slur for a German.

Kraut may also refer to:

  • Sauerkraut, a cabbage dish
  • Kraut (band), a punk rock band from New York City
  • Kraut Canyon, a valley in New Mexico
People with the surname Kraut
  • Bojan Kraut, a Slovene engineer
  • Dominik Kraut, a Czech football player
  • Laura Kraut, an American show jumping competitor
  • Robert E. Kraut, an American social psychologist

Usage examples of "kraut".

The manager gave Symington a glowing reference, but the Kraut discounted that because he thought the personnel guy was a fruitcake, too.

It turned out to be the most elegant gay bar the Kraut had ever seen-and he had seen a lot of them, from the Village to Harlem.

The Kraut stood a moment at the entrance until his eyes became accustomed to the dimness.

The Kraut lighted his cigarette, then left the pack and lighter on the bar in front of him.

On the same night Helen was brooding unhappily in her Honda, the Kraut was rubbing knees with L.

Meanwhile, the Kraut was submitting bullshit reports to Sergeant Boone, wanting this assignment to go on forever.

You could get high just by breathing deeply, and if the Kraut wanted to set a record for drug busts, he could have made a career out of this one joint.

Then, when Nick started to rise, the Kraut clamped onto his wrist and pulled him down again.

But maybe, the Kraut thought suddenly, just maybe there was a way he could juggle it.

So the Kraut was feeling like a jet-setter, with his pot and in drink.

One time I caught him planting some things on a bombed-out kraut truck near Baesweiler.

A lot of kraut baggage transports were captured and the stuff should have turned up.

The Germans sometimes stayed to rescue, but nowadays the Krauts were on the run, and it was dubious the Kraut would risk his boat and complement to save enemy sailors, particularly in sight of land.

The glass rattled in its frames, and one was almost tempted to pull up the blinds because no Kraut would be out flying on such an afternoon.

The Kraut skipper saluted, and Nazro returned the salute with a brief flicking motion of his fingertips over his eye brow, nothing more.