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Solut (, also Romanized as Solūţ) is a village in Gerdeh Rural District, in the Central District of Namin County, Ardabil Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 208, in 60 families.

Usage examples of "solut".

She thought about how many other species the imperial Foitani must have destroyed, about the calm way Solut Mek Kem remarked that humanity was on their list.

This time Solut Mek Kem and Voskop W Wurd said the same thing together.

Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Aissur Aissur Rus spoke for the Foitani from Odern, Solut Mek Kem and a colleague named Nogal Ryn Nyr for the Great Ones, and Voskop W Wurd and his chief aide Yulvot L Reat for the Foitani from Rof Golan.

Solut Mek Kem answered at once, his own voice as flat as the Spanglish words that came from the translator.