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neeses neeson neethi neetho neethu neetze neeyat neeyng nefand nefast nefere nefero nefert nefesh neffel neffes neffew neffow neflin nefsis neftci negada negage negala negant negara negash negata negate negcon negdel negedu negele negera negers negeta negged neggio negiah negiho neglur negoce negoda negova negrar negrea negrei negret negria negrid negril negrin negroc negron negros neguri negyes nehari nehatu nehesk nehesy nehoiu nehora nehran nehren nehriq nehrus nehwon nehzat neiafu neibor neican neidan neiden neider neides neifty neighe neighs neight neijia neikea neiked neilah neilor neiman neimar neinei neipce neiper neisch neisha neison neisse neitla neiven neiver neiwat nejapa nejdek nejran nekaal nekala nekard nekari nekede nekfeu nekhel nekhen nekkar nekkid neklan nekmir nekoma nekopi nekpai nekro- nekron nektar nekton nekyia nelang nelaug neleid neleus neliac neligh nelima neling neljas nelkan nell's nellai nellie nellim nellis nellut nelnet nelogi nelore nelphe nelsen nelson 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Word usage examples

To Curt newton, who had followed the shadow of that glory far back toward its source, the very stones of these ruins spoke of cosmic tragedy, of the agelong night that succeeded the blazing highest noon of human splendor.

Julius, or Marty Anaheim, or all three, or Wayne newton, for all I know.

Michael Berman, Sara Bershtel, Chauna Brocht, Kristine Dahl, Frank Herd and Sarah Bourassa, Kristine Jacobs, Clara Jeffery, Tom Engelhardt, Deb Konechne, Marc Linder, John newton, Frances Fox Piven, Peter Rachleff, Bill Sokal, David Wagner, Jennifer Wheeler, and Patti.

La Casita, she and Esskay stretched across the synthetic flowery spread and nibbled on Fig newtons together as Tess paged through the phone book, which was thicker than she had expected.

Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Bacon, newton, Kelvin, Clausius this great unified and holistic worldview began to fall apart, and fall apart in ways, it is clear, that none of these pioneering scientists themselves either foresaw or intended.

After moving to Berkeley in 1968 and becoming coeditor of Ramparts - a leading radical magazine - Horowitz befriended Black Panther leader Huey newton and became a moving force behind the scenes in the Panther organization.

It began with the cryptanalytic endeavors of John Wallis, the greatest English mathematician before Newton.

He let the horse amble until they came to an intersection with a collection of fingerposts pointing in different directions: Fifehead neville, Okeford Fitzpaine, Sturminster newton.

I learned that Sir Isaac newton, who has the honor to be Master of the Mint, was coming to Westminster to testify on some trifling matter ginned up by the fevered minds of the Faction, I resolved to invite him to this Chamber that his visit would not be a perfect waste of his time.

Men could not reward Shakespeare, or Darwin, or newton, or Helmholtz for their services any more than we could pay the Lord for the use of His sunshine.