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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Needly \Nee"dly\, a. Like a needle or needles; as, a needly horn; a needly beard.
--R. D. Blackmore.


Needly \Need"ly\, adv. [AS. n[=y]dlice. See Need.] Necessarily; of necessity. [Obs.]


Etymology 1 adv. (context archaic English) zealously; carefully; earnestly. Etymology 2

adv. 1 (context archaic English) necessarily; of necessity. 2 (context archaic English) urgently. Etymology 3

a. (context informal English) Like a needle or needles.

Usage examples of "needly".

On the second day they passed through grass and farmlands, where charlocks and artichokes freely grew, and the needly junipers.

Giant mule-jacks stood like sleepy sentries under the needly groves of Spanish Bayonet.