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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Motion at the rooftops of two nearby buildings was up to three times that at ground level.
▪ Night-lights in the nearby buildings had been blown so it was a while before they could see anything clearly.
▪ Perhaps it would be overhung by trees or shaded by nearby buildings.
▪ Many of those evacuated were relocated to nearby buildings.
▪ Police evacuated nearby buildings and cordoned off the area while they defused the bomb.
▪ Its current headquarters is at Harrison and Spear, with additional space in two nearby buildings.
▪ The hotel and nearby buildings were still being evacuated when it exploded.
▪ The airship's charred ensign hangs in the nearby church.
▪ At several stops, Mr Potts and the matrons removed small groups of children to a nearby church or hall.
▪ Yesterday police questioned worshippers at a nearby church, but say there have been no new leads.
▪ Why not establish an official school in a nearby church or settlement house?
▪ Complimentary tickets to a Vivaldi concert or similar in the nearby church for guests arriving on Sunday staying 7 nights or more.
▪ Only time and a falling tide prevented him from going up a nearby church tower and filming us again.
▪ At least 13 bodies were later carried to a nearby church and up to a hundred casualties were admitted to hospital.
▪ There are no nearby cities, and there is so much space that the area remains unspoilt.
▪ Sarah and Theodore are attending a literacy class, taught in a shut-down factory, in the nearby city of Le6n.
▪ Federal welfare agencies say we and another nearby city are the two most socially-progressive communities in the state.
▪ In December 1991 he often visited a nearby farm landing strip and talked to microlight owners and examined their aircraft.
▪ He ensures quality by buying them at a nearby farm where they are raised.
▪ My uncle managed to find work for him on one of the nearby farms and the family moved in with him.
▪ He was made redundant from a nearby farm in 1994, after working there for 10 years.
▪ The gipsies had tampered with the water supply causing flooding to a nearby farm and generally been a nuisance, he added.
▪ William Day had been working late at a nearby farm.
▪ Primary investigations into a suspected outbreak of foot-and-mouth at a nearby farm have drawn a blank.
▪ Sheep were turfed out of three nearby fields make temporary car parks.
▪ Since he himself was young and energetic, he sometimes organised a game of football for them in a nearby field.
▪ Sometimes the only safe thing to do is to land out of the site altogether in a nearby field.
▪ This was mid-June, and in the nearby fields, next season s crops were maturing.
▪ It is believed that the gang had been watching the property from a nearby field.
▪ Police found Davis hiding in a nearby field.
▪ Under a dry bank in a nearby field he discovered a spring.
▪ Travelling by road or train, try to make a quick choice and evaluation of the nearby fields.
▪ The clubhouse is prominently placed close to the park boundary and nearby homes.
▪ Residents fear a relocation at Hydebank could lead to another attack with massive blast damage being caused to nearby homes.
▪ Flooding affected two roads, nearby homes and local pubs.
▪ Occasionally he went by car to the nearby homes of members of his family.
▪ Up to 50 nearby homes were also caught in the explosion.
▪ They spotted Oxford graduate John Lavender, 28, who was returning to his nearby home after a meal with a friend.
▪ The station was evacuated, nearby homes were evacuated.
▪ They then hacked off his legs before dumping the remains in the grounds of a nearby hospital.
▪ My companion and I walked towards a small, nearby hotel that we knew.
▪ Screams erupted at a nearby hotel, where Microsoft founder Bill Gates was addressing an education and technology conference.
▪ They were engaged before the relocation and given their induction training in a nearby hotel.
▪ Poole finally abandoned Cassidy when a gunman opened fire from the window of a nearby hotel.
▪ Guests are also welcome to use the pool and facilities of the nearby Hotel Thermai.
▪ Copeland watched the carnage on television at a nearby hotel.
▪ They got back into the car and drove to a nearby hotel.
▪ They were borrowed from a nearby hotel when it was revealed that the castle did not have enough.
▪ We can also book twin or double rooms in nearby houses for your sole use for a £55 supplement.
▪ He had told Rob there was a nearby house for rent.
▪ A couple of grenades then set a nearby house alight.
▪ In nearby houses, thieves have taken water containers, clothes and sandals from those who have them.
▪ After a few hundred yards, he sought sanctuary in a nearby house.
▪ She had run to a nearby house, and all four residents had seen some of her injuries.
▪ One wooden paddle later formed the basis of' the front door of' a nearby house.
▪ One came through the kitchen window of a nearby house while the family was eating in the dining room.
▪ Spraying crops and burning stubble also provoke outcries from nearby residents.
▪ Like Lindbergh Field, Stapleton has been the target of noise complaints and lawsuits from nearby residents.
▪ This produces a lot of propeller noise at the hovercraft terminals, and annoys nearby residents.
▪ Opposed were well over 100 of the nearby residents.
▪ The church said yesterday its objections only reflected the wishes of nearby residents.
▪ Park officials and nearby residents begin assessing damage, as do county emergency management leaders.
▪ But that's upset nearby residents.
▪ And nearby residents reported a six-hour blackout in the pre-dawn hours on Saturday.
▪ Most small towns of any significance lay on the principal roads; some also enjoyed the advantages provided by a nearby river.
▪ For science, students drew maps of the nearby river, studied its ecosystem, and investigated animals in the area.
▪ The nearby River Great Ouse was higher than the level on the streets.
▪ Josaphat, his body was thrown into a nearby river, where it remained for almost a week.
▪ The mine was shut down last August after a spill of polluted water from a waste pond flowed into a nearby river.
▪ The crash was so violent that one coach was flung into a nearby street.
▪ Some nearby street artists, who hold permits to set up tables to sell their wares, have complained.
▪ We've been aware of the conversation at a nearby table-now we can hear it.
▪ People at nearby tables looked round.
▪ One or two people at nearby tables looked across at us as if we'd said something out of order.
▪ Her boss being a surly middle-aged man at a nearby table in an otherwise almost empty caf.
▪ Her face lit up with a delighted smile as she gazed at an abandoned plate of half-eaten sandwiches on a nearby table.
▪ McCready noticed two coffee mugs standing on a nearby table.
▪ A sword hung at his side and a plain iron helmet lay close to his hand on a nearby table.
▪ A white ceramic coffee-pot and cups stood on a tray on a nearby table.
▪ Reports are coming into the newsroom of a cholera epidemic in a nearby town.
▪ Trucks ferried load after load of corpses to the nearby town of Kiryat Shemona for identification.
▪ The extension of commuting hinterlands has increasingly brought rural areas within the daily journey-to-work range of nearby towns.
▪ Taxis can be hired in the nearby towns of Kalambaka or Kastraki.
▪ After leaving the letter in a drawer she had gone to a nearby town and booked in at a hotel.
▪ He owned a shop in a nearby town.
▪ He began employment in the office of a tin-mining company at the nearby town of Mount Bischoff.
▪ Julie was cut down beneath a nearby tree on the beautiful nature reserve 220 miles north of Durban.
▪ Reichardt is currently experimenting with free-range ducks, which are raised in an open field bordered by nearby trees to provide shade.
▪ Up in a nearby tree a magpie chattered at her.
▪ Sometimes we can alter shade by pruning and thinning nearby trees.
▪ Asik ran behind a nearby tree and watched.
▪ A nearby tree showed deep claw marks to the height of ten feet.
▪ The bulk of his clients comprise severely disturbed psychotic patients from nearby villages and towns.
▪ The toll mounted Friday when three Christians were found slain in sugar cane fields in the nearby village of El Zuheir.
▪ Thousands of people carry firewood on their heads to Ranchi every day from nearby villages.
▪ I drove the women into the nearby village for provisions, which completely turned their heads.
▪ During Soviet rule a man from a nearby village was lionised for supposedly living to 168.
▪ Peasants in black pajamas and conic straw hats had flowed in from nearby villages to mingle with merchants and mandarins.
▪ George Broomham was a farm labourer from East Woodhay, a nearby village.
▪ The group will stay in Norwich and Cambridge and travel each day to the nearby villages.
▪ Dinah lives in a nearby cottage.
▪ At that moment, there came a nearby clatter of mops and pails.
▪ For the first part of the route, the embankment gives views across Carrickknowe golf course and the nearby allotments.
▪ He faces a second charge of attempting to rob assistant Elizabeth Walsh at the nearby Grotto card shop on the same day.
▪ Screams erupted at a nearby hotel, where Microsoft founder Bill Gates was addressing an education and technology conference.
▪ The toll mounted Friday when three Christians were found slain in sugar cane fields in the nearby village of El Zuheir.
▪ They were cared for by friends at their home in nearby Witney.
▪ Tom continues in school until he is sixteen, and Maggie goes to a nearby girls' school, along with Lucy.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

nearby \nearby\ a. & adv. situated near; as, the nearby towns. Opposite of far away.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"close at hand," late 14c. (one-word form from 15c.), from near + by.


a. adjacent, near, very close adv. next to, close to

  1. adj. close at hand; "the nearby towns"; "concentrated his study on the nearby planet Venus"

  2. adv. not far away in relative terms; "she works nearby"; "the planets orbiting nearby are Venus and Mars"


Nearby (previously named WNM Live / Who's Near Me) is a location-based social networking service. Nearby was originally launched in June 2010. The product was created in-part as a participant in the San Francisco class of Microsoft’s Mobile Application Accelerator program and was also later a member of the Fall 2013 session of the Stanford StartX accelerator.

Usage examples of "nearby".

By mid-October, a full division advanced through Khuzestan headed for Khorramshahr and Abadan and the strategic oil fields nearby.

But the Acca has calculated that Monica only has another day or so to live, so I can probably stay nearby that long.

While Jerry was wondering if he should take a short beer after all, a couple of gulps just to heal the dryness in his throat, a name was called nearby in a familiar voice.

Miller, Riner, and two DEA agents, Cliff Best and Greg Lee, waited nearby.

They sat there for a while, the street quiet, the windows in nearby houses dimly aglimmer, the town so peaceful you could forget almost that there was a war somewhere, half a world away.

Seeing his friend Agro nearby pointing at him and laughing, he waved jauntily.

A soldier told me the Alemanni had scuttled it in a swamp nearby, but Barbatio had ordered it raised and patched.

In nearby regions of the Massif Central we see even more clearly the workings of intracrustal metamorphism, the anatexis engendered above one or more ascending asthenospheric diapirs.

There was a bronze plaque screwed into a boulder announcing the start of the Appalachian Trail, and nearby on a post was a wooden box containing a Bic pen on a length of string and a standard spiral notebook, its pages curled from the damp air.

When the men on board the SDV saw the indicators that the signal was being sent, they knew the Archerfish was nearby.

Most of the Diamond Aristos who had attended her feast were also sprawled nearby, watching a news-holo projected on the wall.

The eyes of an Arita dragon peered at her from a center dish in a nearby display, while crowded between oil jars and ivory candle lamps, snuff and Cizhou bottles, wineglasses, vases, and silver spoons, stood the imperious form of Zhenwu, the Daoist God of the North.

For a moment in his memory, Nadon knelt beside his wife digging beneath a sun-splattered waterfall in the steaming Ithorian jungle, then cocked his head to listen to an arrak snake that burst into song from the heights of a nearby cliff.

Performing astrometric measurements of nearby stars, extrasolar planet detection, extrasolar planet imaging, and atmospheric spectroscopy.

Three times he tried to reach the underground cache in the place where he had seen the repair-machines at work, but each time he spied Beng sentries nearby, and could not get close.