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The Collaborative International Dictionary

needed \needed\ adj. necessary; as, provided them with all needed equipment. Opposite of unnecessary.

Syn: needful, required, requisite.

  1. necessary; being needed. v

  2. (en-past of: need)


adj. necessary for relief or supply; "provided them with all things needful" [syn: needful, required, requisite]


Usage examples of "needed".

In other words, a sort of quirk of history, the kind Shakespeare drew on freely when he needed a plot or a character?

We therefore had to practice abseiling into I the jungle and getting in all the emergency equipment that would be needed.

No Californian gentleman or lady ever abuses or oppresses a Chinaman, under any circumstances, an explanation that seems to be much needed in the East.

His legislative authority is confined to his qualified veto on the acts of Congress, and to the recommendation to Congress of such measures as he believes are needed by the country.

The Lensmen aged, the magic adaptors did not, in the end, work: Roddenberry and Lucas and their highly advanced warriors took what they needed from the Lensmen and blasted out the worst, left wreckage and atomization.

Leyden leaders had apparently favored purchasing also the larger vessel still needed for the voyage, hoping, perhaps, to interest therein at least one of their friends, Master Edward Pickering, a merchant of Holland, himself one of the Adventurers, while Master Weston had, as appears, inclined to hire.

Whatever the case may be, a uniform, agreed upon system of rating as a basis for charging advertisers, is sorely needed.

That night little more than a year ago, in another town, another prison, he needed an outlet for his rage.

Sharpe alone had shown him friendliness, and Sharpe now needed help, but Ahmed did not know how to provide it.

Other tissue-salts may be needed to deal with individual symptoms but the above are the most frequently needed remedies for ailments of a truly nervous character.

The CIA was encouraged to do whatever it could to give Saddam the last shove that the administration believed was all that was needed to knock him from power.

In particular, Baghdad will have unimpeded access to trucks, cars, tires, asphalt, rolling stock, locomotives, rail track, telecommunications gear, construction equipment, and all of the other supplies needed to make railroads and wheeled vehicles work.

Turkey to the Iraqi border, where the United States would have to build nearly all of the facilities needed to support an invasion because the infrastructure of the area is woefully inadequate.

The boy had made a brave show for that short time before, his anxious parent gone, Alethea gave him an injection to send him back into the sleep he needed so badly.

Something about the way Amanda settled into his body said she did--and it went beyond the physical, just as he needed it to.