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Nedvěd is a Czech surname. It is a variant of Medved, which means ' bear'. The Czech word for bear is Medvěd.

The following people have the surname Nedvěd:

  • František Nedvěd (born 1947), Czech singer and songwriter
  • Jan Nedvěd (born 1946), Czech singer and songwriter
  • Jaroslav Nedvěd (born 1969), Czech professional ice hockey player, brother of Petr
  • Karel Nedvěd, Bohemian track and field athlete who competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics
  • Miroslav Nedvěd, Czechoslovak slalom canoer
  • Pavel Nedvěd (born 1972), retired Czech football player
  • Petr Nedvěd (born 1971), retired Czech professional ice hockey player
  • Vladimír Nedvěd (1917–2012), Czechoslovak-born Australian World War II veteran and war hero
  • Zdeněk Nedvěd (born 1975), Czech professional ice hockey player