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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I know where I would feel safer taking my nine-year-#old nephew to.
▪ We heard from Mr Edgar that his sister had died, and that he was returning soon with his young nephew.
▪ But the Earl's followers - and among them was his young nephew William Marshal - told a very different story.
▪ Where was Tsu Ma's strapping young nephew?
▪ And indeed no one-not one of her children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren or nephews or nieces-could ever remember seeing Maria ill.
▪ His nephew told him to take a walk, get lost in the crowd.
▪ It was nearly twenty-six years before he saw his nephew again.
▪ Morrison said she sent her niece and a nephew to see if anything had reached shore, but they saw nothing.
▪ Must know his job else Riddle wouldn't have kept him, nephew or no nephew.
▪ Rilla Challiss, married to Amelia Otis's nephew James, also thought it a mistake.
▪ Uncle and nephew knelt shoulder to shoulder, hands cupped, heads bowed in the simple position of submission.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nephew \Neph"ew\ (n[e^]f"[-u]; in England n[e^]v"[-u]; 277), n. [OE. neveu, nevou, nevu, fr. F. neveu, OF. also, nevou, L. nepos; akin to AS. nefa, D. neef, G. neffe, OHG. nevo, Icel. nefi a kinsman, Gr. ne`podes, pl., brood, young, Skr. nep[=a]t grandson, descendant. [root]262. Cf. Niece, Nepotism.]

  1. A grandson or grandchild, or remoter lineal descendant.

    But if any widow have children or nephews [Rev. Ver. grandchildren].
    --1 Tim. v. 4.

    If naturalists say true that nephews are often liker to their grandfathers than to their fathers.
    --Jer. Taylor.

  2. A cousin. [Obs.]

  3. The son of a brother or a sister, or of a brother-in-law or sister-in-law.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from Old French neveu (Old North French nevu) "grandson, descendant," from Latin nepotem (nominative nepos) "sister's son, grandson, descendant," in post-Augustan Latin, "nephew," from PIE *nepot- "grandchild," and in a general sense, "male descendant other than son" (cognates: Sanskrit napat "grandson, descendant;" Old Persian napat- "grandson;" Old Lithuanian nepuotis "grandson;" Dutch neef; German Neffe "nephew;" Old Irish nia, genitive niath "son of a sister," Welsh nei). Used in English in all the classical senses until meaning narrowed in 17c., and also as a euphemism for "the illegitimate son of an ecclesiastic" (1580s). The Old English cognate, nefa "nephew, stepson, grandson, second cousin" survived to 16c.


n. A son of one's sibling, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law; either a son of one's brother (fraternal nephew) or a son of one's sister (sororal nephew).


n. a son of your brother or sister [ant: niece]

Nephew (disambiguation)

Nephew is son of a sibling. It can also refer to:

  • Nephew Tommy, an American comedian
Film and television
  • The Nephew, a 1998 drama film.
  • Nephew (band), a rock band from Denmark.
  • A band fronted by Johnny Barker (actor) until their breakup.
  • Nefew, a hip hop group from Switzerland.
Nephew (band)

Nephew is a Danish rock band, formed in 1996, in Aarhus. They had their breakthrough in 2004 with the release of their second album USADSB. The release coincided with lead singer Simon Kvamm's highly successful appearances on Danish television in the cult comedy show Drengene fra Angora, which helped boost the band's popularity.

The band uses an unusual mixture of Danish and English in their lyrics; they started singing mostly in English with just a few Danish lyrics, but gradually, they have been using Danish more frequently in their songs. In 2009, when interviewed and asked about the language mix, frontman Kvamm said: "It's important for me to use the Danish kind of English that I mother tongue Danish, and my second language English, are very present to me in thinking and talking and speaking with others, and writing. Also in songwriting. And things just take form in one of those languages, or a mixture in between them. I can't really find a system to what goes the English way and what goes the Danish." The band considers Depeche Mode as one of its major influences. Around 2004-2005, a mix of Nephew's "Movie Klip" and Depeche Mode's " Personal Jesus" appeared. It was later revealed that the mix was made by René Munk Thalund.

Usage examples of "nephew".

And although she had worked to wrest control of the shifter pack from his nephew Acier, in the end Acier had been victorious.

An actress named Quinault, who had left the stage and lived close by, came to call, and soon after Madame Favart and the Abbe de Voisenon arrived, followed by Madame Amelin with a handsome lad named Calabre, whom she called her nephew.

The maxims of Roman jurisprudence, if they could fairly be transferred from private property to public dominion, would have adjudged to the emperor Honorius the guardianship of his nephew, till he had attained, at least, the fourteenth year of his age.

Adrumetum in ashes, he calmly admonished the emperor that the peace of Africa might be secured by the recall of Solomon and his unworthy nephews.

He devoted infinite devices to the advancement of a worthless nephew, Francesco Prignano, and when Charles of Durazzo refused to grant the nephew certain favors, Urban resorted to arms.

Hagbart is the nephew of the bishop of the diocese, who, after much persuasion is induced to receive Agot, on condition that her aunt will remove from the district and demand no recognition from the family.

He feels it would dishonor Almered and his nephew not to, and might cause you to lose face with them.

According to tradition, the new priest would belong to the same family as the dead priest, thus enabling priesthoods and augurships to pass from father to son, or uncle to nephew, or cousin to cousin.

The man currently occupying the Judean throne was Herod Agrippa, grandson of Herod the Great, and nephew of Herod Antipas who had slain the Baptist and mocked the Nazarene.

His two eldest sons Svein and Harold were earls, meekly created by Edward, and his nephew Beorn was another.

She grabbed his water and barely got a sip down before Birdie and her nephew rounded the corner.

As we rose from the table, Madame went into her closet with her niece and nephew that was to be, and the niece came out in the course of an hour and bade us congratulate her, as she was to be married in a week, and after the wedding she would accompany her husband to Dunkirk.

Two or three days later, the Chevalier de Morosini, the nephew of the procurator, and sole heir of the illustrious house of Morosini, came to Naples accompanied by his tutor Stratico, the professor of mathematics at Padua, and the same that had given me a letter for his brother, the Pisan professor.

But if Casale was behind this operation, why had he allowed his nephew to be murdered?

Wine Merchants, and erst Head Cellarman of the cellars of Pebbleson Nephew.