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n. a lover who necks


Necker may refer to:

  • Necker (surname)
  • Neckerchief
  • German version of Nicker
  • Necker cube
  • Necker Island (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands)
  • Necker Island (British Virgin Islands)
  • Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital, hospital in Paris, France
  • Necker (river), a river in canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Necker (surname)

Necker is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jacques Necker (1732–1804), Prussian-Swiss banker, and French Minister of Finance under Louis XVI
  • Madame Necker (1737–1794), French-Swiss salonist and writer. Wife of Jacques Necker.
  • Louis Albert Necker (1786–1861), Swiss crystallographer
  • Albertine Necker de Saussure (1766–1841), Swiss writer and educationalist
  • Noël Martin Joseph Necker (December 25 1730 - 30 December 1793), Belgian physician, and botanist.

Fictional characters:

  • Evelyn Necker, character from the Marvel UK imprint of Marvel Comics

Usage examples of "necker".

Necker, still a royal minister, unimportant and discredited, was mobbed on the 2d of September, and as a result resigned and ingloriously left France for his native Switzerland.

Necker, as usual, was better prepared to deal with the impossible accoustics in the 120-foot-long Salle des Menus Plaisirs.

Necker himself, and, when he could neither convince nor overbear him, had tried, though unsuccessfully, to enlist the queen against him.

And Jacques Necker, the Genevan Director-General of Finance, determined to finance the American war overwhelmingly by loans rather than taxes.

In particular, this radicalization meant sabotaging a compromise painfully worked out by Necker in which electoral disputes within each order were to be referred to a general commission of reconciliation composed of representatives from all three houses.

Necker may raise five hundred thousand men, which he calculates on for the subjugation of France.

They were unloading a cigarette boat at night outside of Fort Myers, and some neckers out in the dunes stumbled right into the middle of the operation.

Necker recognized Heider and then saw a bandaged sailor being taken from the personnel carrier by two soldiers who led him to the Junkers and helped him inside.

Necker personally, arraigned his declaration, and proposed one which some of his prompters had put into his hands.

The more daring Probus pursued his Gallic victories, passed the Rhine, and displayed his invincible eagles on the banks of the Elbe and the Necker.