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Word usage examples

Arand mentions recovery after atresia of the anus with passage of excrement from the vulva.

His photographs of sexual acts, of sections of automobile radiator grilles and instrument panels, conjunctions between elbow and chromium window-sill, vulva and instrument binnacle, summed up the possibilities of a new logic created by these multiplying artefacts, the codes of a new marriage of sensation and possibility.

Thus, in her first three issues, the Oracular Vulva delivered disquisitions on the erotic art of the Japanese painter Hiroshi Yamamoto, the epidemiology of syphilis, and the sex life of St.

The first ablation is obtained by applying fire or caustics to the nipples, the second by amputation of the breasts, one or both, the third by diverse gashes, chiefly across the breast, and the fourth by resection of the nymphae or of the nymphae and clitoris, and the superior major labia, the cicatrices of which would deform the vulva.

A large quantity of omentum protruded from the vulva and upper part of the vagina, and an enormous rent was left.

Because she wore no pessary, the deep clutching of her vulva around him was direct and intense, a silky, heavenly slickness that drew him on and on.

The name Juno is cognate to the Etruscan Uni, root of the word Universe, and to Yoni, the name for the sacred Vulva and Womb of all life.

Though streaming everywhere with the creamy froth, there was no mistaking the gaping vulva, still remarkably distended.

Pare speaks of a woman who, besides a vulva, from which she menstruated, had a penis, but without prepuce or signs of erectility.

Twenty feet away the blonde maid stood in her black uniform to the right of the naked Sophie, whose wide buttocks and tufted vulva pointed directly toward George as she bent at the waist over the body of the duke.