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Akiva (disambiguation)

Akiva was the Judean religious leader Rabbi Akiva (c. 50 – c. 135 CE).

Akiva also may refer to:

  • Akiva (given name)
  • Yeshivat Akiva, religious school
Akiva (given name)

Akiva or Akiba is a Jewish-ethnic name, arising in Aramaic from , and thus cognate to English Jacob.

Among Jews, "Ya'akov" and "Akiva" - though essentially variants of the same name - are treated as completely separate, arousing different historical and religious associations: the one recalls the Biblical Patriarch Jacob, the other relates to the Roman period Rabbi Akiva.

Those bearing it include:

  • Rabbi Akiva (c. 50 – c. 135 CE), Judean religious leader
  • Akiva Eger (1761–1837), central European religious leader
  • Akiva Ehrenfeld (1923–2012), president of Kiryat Mattersdorf, Jerusalem
  • Akiva Librecht (1876–1958), Israeli politician
  • Akiva Govrin (1902–1980), Israeli politician
  • Akiva Vroman (1912–1989), Israeli geologist
  • Akiva Yaglom (1921–2007), Soviet & Russian scientist
  • Akiva Orr (born 1931), Israeli writer & political
  • Akiva Nof (born 1936), Israeli politician & songwriter
  • Akiva Eldar (born 1945), Israeli journalist and author
  • Akiva Goldsman (born 1962), American writer
  • Akiva Tatz (fl. c. 2000), a South African religious leader & writer
  • Akiva Grunblatt ( fl. 2000s), American religious leader
  • Akiva Schaffer (born 1977), American writer & comedian