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Sheva (band)

Sheva (שבע - Hebrew word for seven) is an Israeli world music band founded in 1997. While focusing on traditional Jewish and Arab musical influences, the band attempts to use spiritual and creative influences from across the world in their music. Sheva became well known for their song " Salaam" which was embraced by many youth groups for its message of peace.

SHEVA band members come from Muslim and Jewish backgrounds. The main theme in their songs is the call for peace in the Middle East and around the world.


Sheva may refer to:

  • Sheva - empowering women around the world.
  • Shva (ְ), a sign for a half-vowel or for the absence of vowel in the Hebrew alphabet
  • Schwa, a general name for an unstressed and toneless neutral vowel or the mid-central vowel sound in the middle of the vowel chart, named after the related Hebrew vowel sign
  • The title character in Richard Cumberland's play, The Jew (also known as Sheva, the Benevolent)
  • Sheva (band), an Israeli world music band founded in 1997
  • A nickname for footballer Andriy Shevchenko
  • SheVa tanks, immense artillery vehicles in the Legacy of the Aldenata series of books
  • SHEVA virus from Greg Bear's book Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children
  • Sheva Alomar, a character in Resident Evil 5
  • Sheeva, a shokan female warrior of the Mortal Kombat franchise
  • The number 7 as pronounced in Hebrew
  • Bas Sheva (1925–1960), Jewish-American singer
  • Sheva's War
  • Sheba (person), Hebrew Bible character

Usage examples of "sheva".

And then they turned south, toward the outskirts of Sheva, and began the long journey home.

Dicken had suspected coxsackie A, known to cause most of the symptoms in the sick SHEVA children.

SheVa top deck rang to a set of bootheels and smiled at the repair brigade commander.

Given that most of the SheVas are going to be decommissioned, it will probably be left right here.

The Rabun Corps had been well and truly trashed by the unexpected nature of the assault and several nuclear detonations from a trashed SheVa gun and some landers its mate had potted on the retreat.

We already know the structure of SHEVA’s capsid coat, how SHEVA crawls into human cells, which receptors it attaches to.

The SHEVA protease cleaves three novel cyclooxygenases and lipooxygenases from the LPC, which then synthesize three different and unique prosta-glandins.

Removing most or all of the ancient viral genes, including SHEVA genes, produces gross chromosomal abnormalities following mitosis, failure of fertilized eggs to implant, early absorptions, and miscarriages.

Besides, we're getting ahead of the game on SheVas and I sent SheVa Nine down there to backstop Fourteen.

Her fingers pushed the pen over the paper almost without conscious thought, sketching a series of open reading frames on chromosomes 18 and 20 that might bear a relation to the SHEVA genes, previously identified as possible HERVs but turning out not to have the defining characteristics of retrovirus fragments.

There's an infantry unit all the way up by Dillsboro and a shot-up SheVa gun up there.

There’s an infantry unit all the way up by Dillsboro and a shot-up SheVa gun up there.

Justice Department the authority to hack and shut down SHEVA parent Web sites and even e-journals and newspapers guilty of spreading inaccurate information—’lies’—against EMAC and the U.

So they didn't get really accurate until they were inside the firing range of the SheVa.

Then he took the first division and dropped onto the SheVa gun to the south.