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Francisco de Bazan and Antonio de Cueva, were seated on the ramparts of the siege works, bewailing the dull life to which they were confined.

They reached the village square, with its shops and markets and bars, and they passed the Taverna Cueva, with its long bar and wooden tables.

The tumult assumed such formidable dimensions that the Walloon Guards were unable to quell it, but two friars, Padre Osma and Padre Cueva, in some manner were able to stem the confusion.

All the others had died soon after the mysterious storm stranded them in this unholy land with la cueva del Diablo.

Alphonso de la Cueva, marquis de Bedmar, was reminding him none too gently that He could and did make much greater things than a marquis and a cardinal.

Sixty-two years of life God had now granted Alphonso de la Cueva, once the marquis and now the cardinal Bedmar.

Blind Cave Fish of Cueva Chica, bred without light for so many generations that its eye sockets were perfectly empty and overgrown with skin.

In her other, older, tank, the Cave Fish of Cueva Chica cruised sightlessly and the Glass-fish hid behind the plants.

We went to La Cueva del Monje, which is not a cave at all, only a big slab of rock that from a certain distance suggests the mouth of a cave.