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Nasva (stream)

The Nasva is river in Estonia in Saare County. The river is 3 kilometres long. It runs from Mullutu-Suurlaht into Suur Katel in the Baltic Sea. The river is unique because its water flows in two directions. During the floods in spring, the water flows from the sea into the bay and not the other way round as it usually does.

Category:Rivers of Estonia Category:Lääne-Saare Parish


Nasva may refer to:

  • Nasva, Hiiu County, a village in Hiiu County, Estonia
  • Nasva, Saare County, a small borough in Saare County, Estonia
  • Nasva, Russia, a rural locality (a village) in Novosokolnichesky District of Pskov Oblast, Russia
  • Nasva (stream), a stream in Saare County, Estonia