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Bhāva ( Sanskrit: , 'state, condition') is a term in Jyotisha denoting a fixed zodiacal division of the sky from the perspective of an observer. It corresponds to the concept of " house" in Western astrology. A natal chart is called bhāvacakra ( Sanskrit: , 'wheel'.)

Bhava (king)

Bhava or Bhavayavya was a king who lived on the banks of the Indus, eulogized in RV 1.126. His son Savanya or Bhavya is the subject of 1.125, where he has a discussion with a wandering priest. The two hymns are among the very few dedicated to mortals in the Rigveda.

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Bhava (disambiguation)

Bhava may be:

  • Bhava is a name of the Hindu God Shiva
  • Bhava a mood, emotion or devotional state of mind. See also Bhava samadhi, which is the channeling of emotional energies into single-pointed devotion.
  • Bhava, a mental state mentioned in the Natya Shastra.
  • Bhava, a philosophical concept in Buddhism.
  • Bhava, a king mentioned in the Vedas.
  • Bhava can either be expression or brother in law in Kannada language.
  • Bhava in Yoga refers to any of a series of ascending moods.
  • Bhāva in Jyotisha is a house; one of the 12 divisions of the sky relative to the visible horizon.