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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Silva \Sil"va\, n.; pl. E. Silvas, L. Silvae. [L., properly, a wood, forest.] [Written also sylva.] (Bot.)

  1. The forest trees of a region or country, considered collectively.

  2. A description or history of the forest trees of a country.


n. (context forestry English) The forest trees of a particular area

  1. n. the forest trees growing in a country or region [syn: sylva]

  2. [also: silvae (pl)]


Silva (or da Silva or D'Silva) is the most common surname in the Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Portugal and Brazil. Its meaning is derived from the Latin word silva meaning 'forest' or 'woodland'.

It is also widespread in regions of the former Portuguese Empire in America, Africa and Asia, including India and Sri Lanka. Movement of people has led to the name being used in many places; da Silva is the fifth most common surname in the French department of Val-de-Marne, outside Paris and it was the 19th most-common family name given to newborns between 1966 and 1990 in France.

Silva (Spanish strophe)

Silva, in Spanish poetry, a strophe, laisse (Sp. tirada) consisting of in eleven- and seven- syllable lines: hendecasyllables (endecasílabos) and heptasyllables (heptasílabos), the majority of which are rhymed although there is no fixed order or rhyme, nor is there a fixed number of lines. Silvas are used by persons of high rank, usually in soliloquies, and for highly emotional narration and description.

The use of Silva can be found in Góngora's Soledades.

Silva (Barcelos)

Silva is a Portuguese parish, located in the municipality of Barcelos. The population in 2011 was 913, in an area of 2.18 km².

Silva (disambiguation)

Silva is a Portuguese and Galician surname.

Silva may also refer to:

Silva (film)

Silva is a 1944 Soviet musical film directed by Aleksandr Ivanovsky and starring Zoya Smirnova-Nemirovich and Sergei Martinson. It was part of a cycle of operetta films made in European cinema during the era.

Silva (given name)

Silva is a Latvian feminine given name. The associated name day is October 11.

Usage examples of "silva".

Anna was passing the Administration Building, Patsy Silva flagged her down.

Her mind flashed back to the day she and Stacy had confronted Tom Silva about the foreskin note.

Greeley was sitting at the break table in the maintenance shop along with Tom Silva and several other construction workers.

Tom Silva but he sat a little apart from the others quietly smoking his Marlboros.

Stanton materialized out of the shadows and began patting the incapacitated Silva down for weapons.

She let her brain empty and the thought floated up: Tom Silva had a key to the equipment yard.

Before he could question him, Silva had been let out on bail, paid not by Patsy but by Ted Greeley.

Only Tom Silva owned a good old-fashioned bubba truck complete with shovel and gun rack.

Jimmy and Stanton had regained the top of the dirt slope and on a three count began to haul Silva upward.

For a second she thought it was Silva breathing on his own, but it was Stanton.

What I want to know is where Silva was between getting bailed out of jail and getting killed.

But poor Silva, living in that vast castle with no one in whom she could confide!

I retired to my room and lighted my candles and the shadows began to form I remembered Silva, and it seemed to me that her spirit brooded over the dimly lit room.

I knew he was seeing pictures of Silva there with the pigeons or perhaps cradling some hurt animal in her arms while she discussed with him what should best be done.

I believed that if I could discover what had really happened to Silva I would have a key to the whole situation.