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n. Heavily forested ground in the Amazon basin.


n. a rain forest in a tropical area [syn: tropical rain forest]


Selva is a coastal comarca (county) in Catalonia, Spain, located between the mountain range known as the Serralada Transversal or Puigsacalm and the Costa Brava (part of the Mediterranean coast). Unusually, it is divided between the provinces of Girona and Barcelona, with Fogars de la Selva being part of Barcelona province, and all other municipalities falling inside Girona province. Also unusually, its capital, Santa Coloma de Farners, is no longer among its larger municipalities, with the coastal towns of Blanes and Lloret de Mar having far surpassed it in size.

Selva borders the comarques of Maresme, Vallès Oriental, Osona, Garrotxa, Gironès, and Baix Empordà.

Selva (disambiguation)

Selva is a coastal comarca (county) in Catalonia, Spain.

Selva may also refer to:


Sëlva (; ; ) is a comune (municipality) in the Val Gardena in South Tyrol, northern Italy, located about east of the city of Bolzano. The Ladin place name derives from the Latin word silva ("wood").

Selva (film)

Selva is a Tamil movie starring Vijay, Swathi and Raghuvaran. The music is composed by Sirpy. The film is directed by A. Venkatesh.

Selva (director)

Selva ( fl. 1990s) is an Indian director active in Tamil film. He often specializes in film remakes and directed a series of hits the 1990s. His first film Thalaivasal launched the career of many. His noted film are Amaravathi, Karnaa, Pooveli, James Pandu, Unnaruge Naan Irundhal, Student Number 1 and Naan Avanillai. He introduced Ajith Kumar through his second film Amaravathi.

Selva (surname)

Selva is a surname. It may refer to:

  • Andy Selva (born 1976), San Marino football player
  • Antonio Selva (1824-1889), Italian operatic bass
  • Gustavo Selva (born 1926), Italian politician associated with e.g. Liberal-Popular Union
  • Steve Selva (born 1948), American biologist
  • Selva (director) ( fl. 1990s), Indian director
Selva (actor)

Selva is an Indian film actor who has worked on Tamil-language films in leading and supporting roles. After appearing in several films as a lead actor in the 1990s, he made a comeback in two films directed by Mysskin in the 2010s.

Usage examples of "selva".

Our scientists cannot study the wildlife of Selva, and our healers cannot look for herbs.

Since their residency on Selva predates that of the colonists, they cannot be removed from the planet without their consent, according to regulation 3144.

From the port side of the ship the rust-colored curve of the planet Selva was visible below, most of it bathed in the darkness of night.

Klingons of Selva had raised themselves since they were small children, not knowing anyone else in the universe existed until the settlers arrived.

He was overdue to make a report to Starfleet about his progress on Selva, such as it was.

Someday the citizens of Selva might have a fleet of bathyscaphes from which to probe the tumultuous ocean floor, but not today.

Suddenly Deanna knew why the colonists had chosen Selva for their home.

It was entirely possible that the insect had found its own way down her shirt, and her unfamiliarity with the life-forms of Selva had caused her to react in the worst possible way.

That would be the most effective method for the Romulans to influence events on Selva without tipping their hand.

Perhaps Selva would develop into an aquatic planet, and the sea foam would evolve into a sentient being, not just the far-flung appendages of a hive mind.

Not to belittle the two hundred or so people on Selva, but billions of lives are at stake in the Aretian system.

Federation and the Klingons will both clear put and leave Selva to the Romulans.

Given the right circumstances, thought Deanna, Selva could have been a marvelous proving ground for interspecies relationships.

No matter what he tried, five hours was the best he could do in getting back to Selva, and that was at least two hours too late.

The replacement crew had certainly gotten him to Selva in less time than he had reason to expect.