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interj. (alternative form of bravo lang=en dot=), when spoken to a female performer.


Brava or La Brava may refer to:

Brava (beer)

Brava is a 4.9% pale lager which is brewed by the Lakeport Brewing Company which is owned by Labatt. It is a discount brand similar to Lakeport's other beers. It is currently available in bottle six packs, twelve packs and cases of 24 and 28. It is also available in 15 packs of cans. Brava is a similar beer to Corona and Sol.

Brava (TV channel)

Brava is a Dutch cultural television channel aimed at the Dutch and Belgian market. The programming consists of opera, ballet, and concertos. Productions are recorded in opera houses such as the Royal Opera House, the Teatro Real, and the La Scala. The productions consists of stage performances such as La bohème, Othello, Aida, Swan Lake, Tosca, Zoroastre and Così fan tutte.

Usage examples of "brava".

He admired the dancing of the blithe, graceful girl, he applauded her as the rest did with hand-clapping and bravas, and said it was ravishing.

When the lights went up for the last time we all stood and bellowed bravos and bravas, getting a small wave from Maurel in return.