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n. Orthodox Christian custom of honoring a family patron saint celebrated chiefly by the Serbs, but also by some Macedonians, Bulgarians, Croats and Gorani.


The slava ("celebration"; ) is a Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition of the ritual glorification of one's family's patron saint. The family celebrates the Slava annually on the saint's feast day.

In November 2014 it was inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

Slava (disambiguation)

Slava, sława or слава is an abstract noun meaning "glory" or "knowledge" in the Slavic languages. It may also refer to:

  • Slava, common short nickname for masculine Slavic names ended with "-slav", e.g. Vyacheslav, Stanislav, Yaroslav, Sviatoslav, Rostislav, Mstislav or faminine Slavic names ended with "-slava", e.g. Miroslava, Yaroslava
  • Slava, a Slavic name
    • Slava (singer), Russian singer
    • Slava Raškaj, Croatian painter
  • Slava, the Serbian custom of celebrating a family patron saint
  • Sława, a town in Poland
  • Slava River, a river in Romania
  • Slava Cercheză, a commune in Romania, or Slava Rusă, a village in this commune
  • Slava watches, a Russian brand produced by the Second Moscow Watch Factory
  • number of Russian warships
    • A Soviet World War II-era cruiser, formerly the Molotov
    • Slava class cruiser, a modern Russian warship
    • Russian battleship Slava, a Russian World War I warship
  • Slava! A Political Overture, a piece of music written by Leonard Bernstein
  • Slava Music, an independent record label and later sub-label of Blonde Vinyl
Slava (singer)

Slava (, real name — Anastasia Vladimirovna Slanevskaya ; born 15 May 1980) is a Russian singer, actress, model and public figure.

Usage examples of "slava".

Genka dangling his feet in the water and Slava chewing his blade of grass.

Misha said with a deprecatory gesture of his hand, giving Genka and Slava a withering look.

Genka could not be depended upon, Slava was irresolute, but Zina, though she was only a girl, was respected and even held in awe by all the children.

Misha ordered Genka to get all the equipment and Slava to see to the supplies.

Here, Slava, read us what it says in the newspaper Genka brought from Moscow today.

Genka took charge of the tiller and Slava settled down in the bow with the binoculars.

Genka and Slava rowed, Misha sat in the bow and Longshanks in the stern.

Afraid to lose sight of their quarry, Misha told Genka and Slava to row faster.

He would have hit Misha, but Genka and Slava were already climbing into his boat.

Genka, trying to reach him with his oar, but Slava, quiet, timid Slava, tackled him from the other side, grabbing his legs and jerking them towards him.

Misha noticed that Genka and Slava carried a tuft of grass about with them.

Even Misha, Slava, Zina Kruglova and Natasha Boitsova, a very kind and just girl.

Misha, too, praised him, but added that Slava was a flabby intellectual.

Like all other people, Slava has his shortcomings, but his intellectual origin cannot be taken into account.

As a matter of fact, I am only stating my own opinion and it is entirely up to Slava to take it or not.