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n. (alternative form of mikveh English)

Usage examples of "mikva".

A Chicago politician and a serious legal analyst, Mikva had clerked on the Supreme Court and had taught law.

Cutler invited Mikva to lunch at his club, the Metropolitan, just two blocks from the White House West Wing.

She had diagrammed it for everyone, showing that she reported to Ickes while keeping Mikva informed.

Sherburne to try to walk the line, to keep Mikva informed, but foremost she had to do the job.

He loved to travel and make speeches, and at times, Mikva felt, he had underprepared for his arguments before the Supreme Court.

Taking the president at face value to disclose what was available, Mikva decided that he would try to expedite the Starr investigation as much as possible.

Tuohey realized suddenly that Mikva had called to advance the session an hour so Clinton could get in a full round on the spring Saturday.

With Sherburne operating somewhat independently and David Kendall in charge of the case from his law firm downtown, Mikva never had the feeling that he knew enough of what was going on to function as counsel.

I went to a meeting that had been arranged with ten liberal members of Congress, headed by Abner Mikva, Robert Kastenmaier, and Don Edwards, who worked together and called themselves the Group.

I replaced him with Abner Mikva, a former Illinois congressman and court of appeals judge with an impeccable reputation and a clearheaded view of the forces we were up against.