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Tarva may refer to:

  • Tarva, Halinga Parish, village in Halinga Parish, Pärnu County, Estonia
  • Tarva, Koonga Parish, village in Koonga Parish, Pärnu County, Estonia
  • Tarva (Norway), an archipelago
  • Fictional planet in The Chronicles of Narnia (the other is Alambil)
Tarva (Norway)

Tarva is an archipelago in the municipality of Bjugn in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The largest and only populated island is Husøya; other islands include Været and Karlsøya. The islands are located about west of Nes on the mainland in Bjugn. Tarva is connected to the mainland via the Dybfest–Tarva Ferry.

The islands were owned by the Austrått manor until 1858. The Royal Norwegian Air Force has a firing range on the western islands. The Tarva chapel is located on the main island.