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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Malva \Malva\ prop. n. A genus of herbs and subshrubs including the mallows.

Syn: genus Malva.


Malva is a genus of about 25–30 species of herbaceous annual, biennial, and perennial plants in the family Malvaceae (of which it is the type genus), one of several closely related genera in the family to bear the common English name mallow. The genus is widespread throughout the temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Europe. The word "mallow" is derived from Old English "malwe", which was imported from Latin "malva", cognate with Ancient Greek μαλάχη (malakhē) meaning "mallow", both perhaps reflecting a Mediterranean term. A number of species, previously considered to belong to Lavatera, have been moved to Malva.

The leaves are alternate, palmately lobed. The flowers are from 0.5–5 cm diameter, with five pink or white petals.

The colour mauve was in 1859 named after the French name for this plant.

Malva (disambiguation)

Malva was a Dacian settlement in present-day Romania, where the Roman city of Romula was built. It may also refer to:

  • Malva, a genus of plants
  • Malva, Zamora, a Spanish municipality of Castile and León
  • Malwa, an alternative spelling for the Indian region and former state
  • the pseudonym of Syrian artist Omar Hamdi
  • Malva pudding, a South African sweet pudding
  • Malva, a fictional character from Pokémon X and Y
Malva (film)

Malva - a feature film based on the stories of Maxim GorkyMallow and Two tramp.

Malva (1924 film)

Malva is a 1924 German silent film directed by Robert Dinesen and starring Lya De Putti, Hans Adalbert Schlettow and Ernst Rückert.

Usage examples of "malva".

On the whole, it was a considerable relief when Malva Christie came and tapped on the door, just before noon.

At this point, Malva hurried in, a beaker of hot water in one hand, the whisky jug in the other.

Bug had eased me onto a stool, holding me upright, and Malva was pressing a cup of whisky urgently against my mouth.

SENT LIZZIE to find Brianna and Malva ChristieI thought I might well need more handsand sent Marsali to the kitchen to rest with Mrs.

I trust Malva to administer the ether, if I had to perform emergency surgery?

Marsali, he went to her like an arrow to its target, gathering her to him with such fervor that Malva dropped her book on the floor, staring in astonishment.

Meanwhile Jamie, Ian, and Malva Christie seemed to be engaged in an amiable literary argument regarding the merits of Henry Fielding, Tobias Smollett, and .

Everyone dissolved in laughter at that, and Jamie rose to come to me, leaving Ian and Malva to resume their wrangle.

I instructed Malva, keeping one eye on Lizzie and the other on the glass.

I timed the period to arousal once or twice more, then let Malva put her under a little more deeply.

I let her stay under whilst I checked the fresh blood sample, then told Malva to take the mask off.

Eager to demonstrate the truth of the matter to Lizzie, he hopped up on the table and laid himself down with a will, though the pulse in his slender throat was hammering as Malva dripped ether on the mask.

The only one who had seemed to accept the notion wholeheartedly was Malva Christie, and in her case, I thought the acceptance was due simply to her faith in me.

The sole bright spot in this ruddy quagmire was that Thomas Christie, quite contrary to my expectations, had allowed Malva to continue to come to the surgery, his sole stipulation being that if I proposed to involve his daughter in any further use of the ether, he was to be told ahead of time.

Thomas Christie and Malva were in the small clearing at the back of their cabin.