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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oliva \O*li"va\, n. [L. an olive.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of polished marine gastropod shells, chiefly tropical, and often beautifully colored.


n. (cx anatomy English) olivary body


Oliva (, ) is a municipality in the comarca of Safor in the Valencian Community, Spain. To its east lie of coastline and beaches fronting the Mediterranean Sea.

The Passeig (promenade) runs through the centre of the town, and features a market each Friday. On the left side of the Marina beach is Kiko beach. The blue flagged beaches of Oliva stretch for ; many contain sand dunes

Oliva has one of the province's biggest and most colourful Moors and Christians Festivals (Festes de Moros i Cristians, in Valencian language) in the area. In the old town there are two churches, Sant Roc and Santa Maria la Major. Sant Roc dates from the 18th-19th centuries, and Santa Maria from the 17th-18th centuries. At the top of the hill in the old town is Santa Anna Castle, built in the 16th century.

In the centre of the village is a Roman kiln situated below one of the blocks of apartments on Santíssim street.

Oliva's Old Town has historical streets which see various "fiestas" celebrated throughout the year: the falles "Fiesta" in March, the Moors and Christians in July and Setmana Santa (Holy Week). People may be seen strolling the Paseig, sampling tapas, drinking coffee or wine and simply relaxing with family and friends. Every Friday there is a market with a plethora of fresh, local produce and wares.

Oliva is also a well-known town for cyclists, especially from Estonia. At the beginning of March, they gather there for the spring training camp. The Estonian national junior team trains there in spring too.

path to the Mediterranean Sea in Oliva, Valencia Region of the Spain 01.JPG|Walking path to the Beach and Mediterranean. Sea in Oliva, Valencia Region of the Spain 01.JPG| Sand Dune at Oliva. Sea in Oliva, Valencia Region of the Spain 02.JPG|Mediterranean Sea in Oliva. Sea in Oliva, Valencia Region of the Spain 06.JPG|A Fisherman at the beach in Oliva. beach house on the Mediterranean Sea in Oliva, Valencia Region of the Spain 01.JPG| Beach house in Oliva.

Oliva (disambiguation)

Oliva is the word for olive in Catalan, Spanish, and Italian.

Oliva may also refer to:

  • Oliva, a town in Spain
  • Oliva de Plasencia, municipality in Spain
  • Oliva de Mérida, municipality in Spain
  • Oliva de la Frontera, municipality in Spain
  • Oliva, Córdoba, town in Argentina
  • Oliva Gessi, commune in Italy
  • Villa Oliva, village in Paraguay
  • La Oliva, Fuerteventura, Spain
  • Santa María de la Oliva, monastery in Navarre
  • The German and Latin name for the town and former Cistercian abbey of Oliwa, Poland
  • Oliva (surname)
  • Oliva of Brescia (died 138), saint
  • Abbot Oliva (971-1046), Count of Berga
  • Christian of Oliva (died 1245), first Bishop of Prussia
  • Mauricio Oliva (b. 1951), a politician from Honduras
  • Sergio Oliva, bodybuilder
  • Oliva Sabuco, Spanish writer
  • Oliva Cigar Co., a brand of handmade cigars manufactured in Nicaragua and Honduras
  • Oliva (gastropod), a genus of marine gastropods
  • A short name for the Portuguese corporation, Oliva - Indústrias Metalúrgicas
  • Oliva River, a small river in Calabria, Southern Italy.
  • MS Oliva, a bulk carrier wriecked in 2011
Oliva (gastropod)

Oliva is a genus of medium-sized to large sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Olividae, the olive snails or olive shells.

Subsequent to the publication of the Tursch & Greifeneder (2001) book entitled Olive shells: The genus Oliva and the species problem came out, the classification of Oliva species has changed considerably, since a number of what were previously considered to be species are now considered to be only forms of a lot fewer species. This list does not yet reflect those changes.

Oliva (surname)

Oliva is a surname of Spanish origin and may refer to:

  • Achille Bonito Oliva (born 1939), art critic
  • Anthony L. Oliva (born 1988) Wordsmith and soothsayer
  • Aythami Artiles Oliva (born 1986), football player
  • Carlos Oliva (born 1979), football player
  • Criss Oliva (1963–1993), guitarist
  • Edel Oliva (born 1965), Cuban race walker
  • Erneido Oliva, major general
  • Fernan Perez de Oliva, 16th century writer
  • Giovanni Paolo Oliva (1600–1681), Jesuit priest
  • Ignazio Oliva, 17th century painter
  • Jay Oliva, American storyboard artist
  • Jon Oliva (born 1960), singer
  • José Oliva (1971–1997), baseball player
  • José Oliva (labor leader) (born 1972), labor leader
  • Juan Manuel Oliva (born 1960), politician
  • L. Jay Oliva (born 1933), President of New York University
  • Mariana Díaz Oliva (born 1976), tennis player
  • Mauricio Oliva (born 1951), Honduran politician
  • Maximiliano Oliva (born 1990), football player
  • Patrizio Oliva (born 1959), boxer
  • Peter Oliva (born 1964), novelist
  • Sergio Oliva (born 1941), bodybuilder
  • Tony Oliva (born 1938), baseball player
  • Vicente Pascual Oliva (died 1848), Franciscan missionary
  • Viktor Oliva (1861–1928), painter

Usage examples of "oliva".

Though Olivas and Deputy Doolan stopped and turned to see what the commotion was about, Bosch never moved his eyes from Waits.

He lowered it back into place between the bodies of Olivas and Doolan and quickly climbed down.

Bosch suddenly knew why Olivas had taken the risk and put the specter of Raynard Waits into the Marie Gesto murder book.

The morning after the arrest Olivas and Colbert obtained a search warrant for the apartment on Sweetzer where Waits lived alone.

Your boss, Wolf Matheson, be the only otha muthafucka who can stop me from moving up, from getting rid of Johnson and Olivas, and I want his ass right heah on a platta, that clear?