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Word usage examples

A long time ago a boy named Donald Merwin Elbert had burned up old lady Semple's pension check.

He had been Donald Merwin Elbert once, now he was Trashcan Man forever and ever, and he beheld the fabled City, Seven-in-One, Cibola.

That same boy had torched the Methodist Church in Powtanville, and if there had been anything left of Donald Merwin Elbert in this shell, it had surely been cremated with the oiltanks in Gary, Indiana.

When the sheriff had sent him away to the nuthatch in Terre Haute, he had been the grinning psych aide standing above his head in the room where they gave you the shocks, his hands on the controls (I'm gonna fry your brains out, boy, help you on your way as you change from Donald Merwin Elbert into the Trashcan Man, would you like hotwax on that?

The song varied from dream to dream and Trashcan knew most of them because he had once known a woman, the mother of a boy named Donald Merwin Elbert, who had sung many of the same songs as she did her housework.

Somewhere deep inside him, the corpse of Donald Merwin Elbert rolled over in its grave and seemed to cry out.

The kid, sporting knee-length chinked chaps and an ivory-gripped Merwin Hulbert over sun-faded denim, sounded sure of himself as he replied, "We figured out who you had to be, Julesburg.

I know Merwin Hulbert still makes those cheap shiny thumb-busters, but it was never a good fighting gun to begin with and I don't want to prove that to you, boy!

Thwarted in doing his military duty to his country, Lucius Cornelius Merula had taken to attending the Senate assiduously.

Senate clerks entered the chamber, deserted now save for Scaurus and Merula, who had fallen behind.