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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But the big firms that manage billions of dollars got bigger, through mergers and acquisitions.
▪ The deal ranks as the biggest drug industry merger on record.
▪ But analysts noted that without knowing the impact of the big merger, it was almost impossible to make an accurate projection.
▪ Several corporate mergers, however, involve the transfer of stock.
▪ He reached the financial section and was about to read an analysis of a corporate merger when the rain suddenly intensified.
▪ It was the No. 2 adviser in corporate mergers worldwide last year, behind Morgan Stanley&038;.
▪ That shared interest led the two men to announce the world's largest merger this week.
▪ Brandon Gough, the chairman of Coopers, had publicly condemned the concept of large mergers as a nonsense.
▪ In horizontal mergers it is possible that a merger will allow exploitation of economies of scale.
▪ As reported, the companies have been discussing a possible merger.
▪ The bid follows protracted negotiations between the two groups about a possible merger.
▪ The proposed merger called into question Britain's civil aviation policy of the previous twenty years.
▪ At present the Monopolies and Mergers Commission is charged with determining whether a proposed merger is contrary to the public interest.
▪ The company said the proposed merger should be referred to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.
▪ In fact, one recent industry merger has brought a new logo to the car-rental section of many Florida airports.
▪ Another feature of building society expansion in recent years has been the increasing concentration of the industry through merger activity.
▪ Indeed, in the 1960s there was a surge of merger activity which peaked over 1967/9.
▪ Falling stock markets and a lack of merger activity have squeezed margins and profits in investment banks.
▪ The companies look to reach a definitive merger agreement by May 17 and see closing by July 31.
▪ Under the merger agreement, holders of one Bliss&038;.
▪ Wells Fargo has challenged that provision of the First Bank merger agreement in court.
▪ Touche, an accounting firm, reckons the number of bank mergers will rise by half this year.
▪ Wells Fargo has challenged that provision of the First Bank merger agreement in court.
▪ They may also be subject to domestic merger control.
▪ In such circumstances the provisions of national merger control will apply.
▪ The only affect on the merger plan disgruntled stockholders, if there are any, could have is apparently to demand cash.
▪ Before the merger plan was announced in March, Blue Cross was considering giving $ 2. 4 billion to the foundation.
▪ But it is worth at least as much consideration as the merger plan.
▪ Union Discount gained 6p to 115p, anticipating merger plans, and its stakeholder, Cater Allen, rose 19p to 459p.
▪ The third approach to merger policy is the cost-benefit approach.
▪ The difference of treatment for the two bids gave rise to criticism that the government's merger policy favoured conglomerates.
▪ The Commission is currently demanding greater powers to pronounce on merger policy over the heads of the member states.
▪ These sorts of issues have led to calls for the strengthening of merger policy.
▪ The procedure is only available for proposed and not completed mergers and the merger proposal must have been made public.
▪ Shareholders will vote on the merger proposal March 28 and the deal is expected to close April 1.
▪ California Attorney General Dan Lungren also will make antitrust decisions in several weeks regarding both merger proposals, the regulators said.
▪ Last week, Mattel disclosed that its stock-for-stock merger proposal had been turned down by Hasbro.
▪ The company opened a brokerage account on October 12, one day before the merger proposal.
▪ The announcement came two hours before an extraordinary meeting of Bryant shareholders that had been expected to approve the merger with Beazer.
▪ The Federal Reserve and regulators in Delaware, where the banks are incorporated, approved the merger Friday.
▪ Within one month of receiving the notification, the Commission has to decide whether to approve the merger or to open proceedings.
▪ In the hearing on December 18, the court declined to block the merger.
▪ It is unclear how President Clinton could block the merger.
▪ Before the federal government decides to block a proposed merger, it must figure out how to define the market in question.
▪ But the deal also led the Justice Department to sue in April 1995 to block the merger on antitrust grounds.
▪ The Justice Department sued to block the merger in June 1994.
▪ Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham completed their merger to form the world's second-largest drug company.
▪ Wells Fargo is expected to complete its merger with First Interstate next month.
▪ Union Bank and Bank of California also completed their merger yesterday.
▪ Chase and Chemical expect to complete their merger by March 31.
▪ The commercial significance: The merger will create the third largest defence and aerospace group in the world when judged by sales.
▪ Some cuts, moreover, will arise as mergers and alliances create overlapping assignments.
▪ But after the 1960s merger which created NatWest, Lloyds' own plan to merger with Barclays was blocked.
▪ The companies said the merger would create a powerful company in publishing, multimedia and entertainment.
▪ The merger will create the third biggest Internet access group in the world, with five million subscribers spanning 40 countries.
▪ The merger will create a company with combined revenues of nearly $ 4 billion.
▪ A successful merger could create a defence company with estimated sales of £800m.
▪ The announcement came two hours before an extraordinary meeting of Bryant shareholders that had been expected to approve the merger with Beazer.
▪ Wells expects to close the merger by April 1, pending regulatory and shareholder approval.
▪ It was expected that some 40-50 mergers per year would fall due for examination in this way.
▪ Wells Fargo is expected to complete its merger with First Interstate next month.
▪ Chase and Chemical expect to complete their merger by March 31.
▪ In 1923 Gresley became chief mechanical engineer of the London and North Eastern, following the merger of independent companies into groups.
▪ After this was refused it proposed a merger with the Mid Essex Hospital Trust with which it works closely.
▪ Lloyd gives the proposed merger a 90 percent chance of being approved.
▪ The California Assembly has also decided to hold hearings on the proposed merger.
▪ That was two days before Intuit and Microsoft stunned the technology and banking industries by proposing their merger.
▪ Members of the public may comment on how the proposed mergers will affect service in their communities.
▪ Before the federal government decides to block a proposed merger, it must figure out how to define the market in question.
▪ But industry analysts assert that the proposed merger, announced Monday, could produce significant job reductions.
▪ Continuing international consolidation through cross-border mergers is likely in the near future.
▪ In later sections I present a fuller discussion of merger.
▪ Indeed, in the 1960s there was a surge of merger activity which peaked over 1967/9.
▪ The bank said it had notified 1, 750 workers they were being fired as a result of the merger.
▪ The number of trusts has been falling, though only slowly, mainly as a result of mergers.
▪ These of course are the mergers most relevant to the formation of even larger companies with potential monopoly power.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merger \Mer"ger\, n.

  1. One who, or that which, merges.

  2. (Law) An absorption of one estate, or one contract, in another, or of a minor offense in a greater.

  3. The combining of two groups into a unified single group under a single leadership, with voluntary participation by the leaders or management of both groups.

  4. Specifically: (Business, Finance) The combining of two commercial enterprises into a unified single enterprise under a single management, with voluntary participation by both parties; as, the merger of Daimler-Benz and Chrysler into Daimler-Chrysler created a powerful competitor in the automobile manufacturing industry. Compare acquisition and takeover.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1728 in legal sense, "extinguishment by absorption," from merge (v.), on analogy of French infinitives used as nouns (see waiver). From 1889 in the business sense; not common until c.1926. General meaning "any act of merging" is from 1881.\n


n. 1 The act or process of merge two or more parts into a single unit. 2 (context economics English) The legal union of two or more corporations into a single entity, typically assets and liability being assumed by the buying party. 3 (context legal English) An absorption of one or more estate(s) or contract(s) into one other, all being held by the same owner; of several counts of accusation into one judgement, etc. 4 (context linguistics English) A type of sound change where two or more sounds merge into one.

  1. n. the combination of two or more commercial companies [syn: amalgamation, uniting]

  2. an occurrence that involves the production of a union [syn: fusion, unification]

Merger (politics)

A merger, consolidation or amalgamation, in a political or administrative sense, is the combination of two or more political or administrative entities, such as municipalities (in other words cities, towns, etc.), counties, districts, etc., into a single entity. This term is used when the process occurs within a sovereign entity.

Unbalanced growth or outward expansion of one neighbor may necessitate an administrative decision to merge (see urban sprawl). In some cases, common perception of continuity may be a factor in prompting such a process (see conurbation). Some cities (see below) that have gone though amalgamation or a similar process had several administrative sub-divisions or jurisdictions, each with a separate person in charge.

Annexation is similar to amalgamation, but differs in being applied mainly to two cases:

  1. The units joined are sovereign entities before the process, as opposed to being units of a single political entity.
  2. A city's boundaries are expanded by adding territories not already incorporated as cities or villages.
Merger (horse)

Merger (foaled 1965 in Alberta) is a Canadian Thoroughbred racehorse best known for winning the 1968 Queen's Plate, Canada's most prestigious horse race.

Merger was bred and raced by Golden West Farms, a partnership of prominent Canadian businessmen, Frank McMahon and Max Bell.

Merger (band)

Merger were an English reggae band of Jamaican/Ghanaian descent that formed in 1977 and lasted until 1980. Their name "Merger" comes from the fact that they blended reggae music with their other musical influences. Their debut album, Exiles Ina Babylon was released in the UK in 1977 at a time when many British reggae bands, such as Aswad and Steel Pulse, were popular. Politically, the band's songs addressed issues of racial injustice in Britain and other countries, but they rejected the Marcus Garvey idea that all black people should return to Africa.

Usage examples of "merger".

Their origins are a matter of record, in the merger nineteen years ago of the depraved Temple of Abraxas with a discredited house of surgical software, Frewin Maisang Tobermory.

Of course, this is predicated on your success in purchasing all the land we require, and the subsequent merger of Acme with our new corporation.

But Argali was her responsibility, and her province desperately needed this merger with flourishing Ironbridge.

Damiri visible before them, to heirs and marriage and the final merger of two Padi Valley families of vast power, a merger that might firm up the political picture very suddenly.

I find another company, make it merge with me, recapitalize, issue new stock to the holders of shares in the first merger concern, and do it all over again.

Over the years, as companies went out of business or were absorbed in mergers, many site maps and plans were misplaced or deleted from databases, and when operations moved on from one sector to another, nobody spent the money or the time needed to go back and remap the excavated areas.

Plus, the government has to approve the merger, and they typically want the litigation cleaned up before saying yes.

It may have assumed grotesque and dangerous forms under the now decaying traditions of national competition, but as the merger of the Atlantic states proceeds, the possibility and necessity of bringing areas of misgovernment and disorder under world control increase.

Dick, it becomes a series of windows into the metaphysical multiplexity of reality itself, the perfect merger of theme and form.

They had entered a merger agreement with American Bayou and, after signing, Sanker stock value had plunged because Haley Walther refused to tell a few white lies.

In the merger Ben may not only have the key for Sanker with aging, he may also have the key for American Bayou.

So it happens that the holding company whose merger with Mannesmann has been dissolved takes over the majority of Essen Anthracite AG and later, as the mealworm advises, rejoins Mannesmann.

Of the remaining books we have nothing left except what is found in two merger abridgments which the Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus, in the tenth century caused to be made of the whole work.

Attorney General Sargent to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, dated June 8, 1926, declining to comply with his request to turn over to the committee all papers in the files of the Department relating to the merger of certain oil companies.

We need some diversity, some other role models for the next generation, or no one will be able to speak in anything except debentures, compound interest, and multiple mergers.