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Usage examples of "merrie".

It moved rapidly across in front of Merrie, without a check to its movement grabbed up one of the glasses Bentley had put down, and flung the contents straight for his face.

Bentley, and flicked a glance across the table at Merrie, seeing her mask crinkle in answer.

He looked at Merrie, but from her intentness of attitude he might have been in New Guinea.

Seemed like Merrie had handled the farewell thing better than Gwen, but she still liked her mail.

Nipper was the code name he had decided on, being his nickname for Merrie, and short.

Not for Merrie the obscurities of ectoplasmic artforms, or the etheric darkness of oblique pentagons or magic.

Dustin doubted whether even the evidence of his holey leg could get through to James or Merrie or Valterzar.

What they were all trying to avoid thinking about, Merrie had shared with the victims.

As the last of the life had been sucked out of them, Merrie had been there, to have all the anguish pass through her shadow on that other plane.

Valterzar slammed on the brakes, and went tearing out his door, Merrie right on his heels.

They were running toward the steaming truck when Merrie caught a flash, much as Zar had.

He looked at Merrie, and her sudden shocked expression held echoes of his own horror.

They jarred and bounced and wobbled, as Merrie rammed her foot back down on the gas.

Zar said, looking at the bright peachy bit of fluff Merrie was wearing.

James looked up, and saw Merrie and Valterzar dive out of the truck and head his way.