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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Plain gold merino wool cloak, £60, from Elliot Fine Fabrics.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merino \Me*ri"no\, a. [Sp. merino moving from pasture to pasture, fr. merino a royal judge and superintendent or inspector of sheep walks, LL. merinus, fr. majorinus, i. e., major vill?, fr. L. major greater. See Major. Merino sheep are driven at certain seasons from one part of Spain to another, in large flocks, for pasturage.]

  1. Of or pertaining to a variety of sheep with very fine wool, originally bred in Spain.

  2. Made of the wool of the merino sheep.


Merino \Me*ri"no\, n.; pl. Merinos. [Sp.]

  1. (Zo["o]l.) A breed of sheep originally from Spain, noted for the fineness of its wool.

  2. A fine fabric of merino wool.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fine-wool breed of sheep, 1781, from Spanish merino, possibly from Arabic Merini, a Berber family or tribe of sheep farmers in northwest Africa whose animals were imported into Spain 14c.-15c. to improve local breeds. Or from or influenced by Latin majorinus, from major "greater," either in reference to size of the animals or from Spanish derivative merino (n.) "overseer of cattle pastures," also a title of judicial officers. Applied from early 19c. to the wool itself and to various articles made from it.


n. 1 (context countable English) A breed of Spanish sheep that has long, fine hair 2 (context uncountable English) The wool of this sheep 3 The fabric made from this wool (or from any similar yarn) 4 A yarn made from a combination of wool and cotton in imitation of this wool


n. white sheep originating in Spain and producing a heavy fleece of exceptional quality [syn: merino sheep]

Merino, CO -- U.S. town in Colorado
Population (2000): 246
Housing Units (2000): 110
Land area (2000): 0.173003 sq. miles (0.448076 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.173003 sq. miles (0.448076 sq. km)
FIPS code: 50040
Located within: Colorado (CO), FIPS 08
Location: 40.484418 N, 103.353691 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Merino, CO

The Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool. The breed origins are from Spain, but the modern Merino was domesticated in Australia. Today, Merinos are still regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. Poll Merinos have no horns (or very small stubs, known as scurs), and horned Merino rams have long, spiral horns which grow close to the head.

Merino (disambiguation)

Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool.

Merino may also refer to:

  • English Merino, a guinea pig breed
  • The Big Merino, a 15-metre tall concrete merino sheep located in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia


  • Carlos Merino (born 1980), Spanish footballer
  • Fernando Arturo de Merino (1833–1906), Dominican priest and politician
  • José Luis Merino (born 1927), Spanish film director
  • Manuel Merino (1918–2001), Spanish cinematographer
  • Pedro Merino (born 1987), Spanish cyclist
  • José Toribio Merino (1915–1996), Chilean admiral member of Government Junta of Chile (1973)
  • Francisca Merino (born 1973) a Chilean actress


United States
  • Merino, Colorado
  • Irvington, Kentucky, formerly known as Merino
  • Merino, Montana
  • Merino, Victoria

Usage examples of "merino".

Underlying all considerations of shorthorns and merinos was the recollection of a timid foreign lad to be suspected for his shy, bewildered air--to be suspected again for his slim white hands--to be doubly suspected and utterly condemned for his graceful bearing, his appealing eyes, that even now Sir Matthew could see with their soft lashes drooping over them as he fronted them in his darkened office in Flinders Lane.

I love you more than all the flannelette and calico, candlewick, dimity, crash and merino, tussore, cretonne, crepon, muslin, poplin, ticking and twill in the whole Cloth Hall of the world.

He took the other, tying triple knots in the thong that held his burse to his belt, loosening his jerkin, swinging his booted feet onto the hard, thin mattress, and pulling up a blanket of surprisingly soft merino.

Possibly a travelling costume of purple satin trimmed with a quantity of sarsenet, and worn under a spencer, and a voluminous cloak of drab merino cloth, might have contributed to her discomfort.

The gay decorations, the clump of ribbon-decked mistletoe suspended from the ceiling, and the gown of deep rose merino were bitterly anachronous.

Good coverage and bodies accounted for, which left no way for lanni Merino and the Abolition Centrists to raise a howl and convoke Council: publicly, Merino was distancing himself as far and as fast as he could from the incident.

Capturing one of the merinos, he showed Cinnamon the depth and fineness of the wool and then demonstrated the difference with a hardier mountain sheep.

How am I going to get good wool yarn for Simon's socks if you don't raise those Merino sheep?

A clump of high sedge rustled and several overweight merino sheep bounded into view, bleating irritably.

By the Mentor, now going to France, I have given permission to two individuals in Delaware and New York, to import two parcels of Merino sheep from France, which they have procured there, and to some gentlemen in Boston, to import a very valuable machine which spins cotton, wool and flax equally.

He was speaking in a companionable, detached voice about merino sheep, the peculiarities of a Spanish rent-roll, the inconveniences of war, a sailor's chances of prize-money, and he was reaching for his neckcloth when she interrupted him and said, 'Stephen, what you said to me turned my head about so much I hardly know what I answered.

The fabrics chiefly used by the Fremen were cotton, almost all of it imported at considerable expense from the factories of Loomar It came in a variety of weights and served both for clothing and decorative hangings The best Loomar cottons, fabulously expensive, were frequently used as part of the bride price in the upper classes, in which water-rings (though still valuable) meant less than they did to the desert Fremen Wool was likewise imported, usually mat woven from the merino sheep of Norstnlia This absorbent fabric served chiefly for outer cloaks, although the bleached but otherwise untreated fleece might grace a couch in the bedroom of a lady of taste and quality Saiucan glassdoth was a spun fabnc of relatively low abrasion resistance which was widely used for the mass produced (and hence inferior) stiflsuits, but only as the outer layers One final fabnc was called Alphamet, an extremely lightweight and finely woven metallic cloth that accentuated the figure and embraced the skin while it .

The younger man's empty scabbards and belts looked to be worth the price of a thousand Merino sheep, and the fringed leather jacket was sewn with platinum sequins.

Seldom was His Majesty happier than when inspecting his farms, or talking crops and Merino sheep with his farm workers at Windsor.

Mingled with the flocks of merino sheep were vast herds of springbok.