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Merkur , Mercury) was a short-lived automobile brand sold by the Lincoln- Mercury division of Ford Motor Company from 1985 to 1989. Using captive imports produced by the German division of Ford of Europe, Merkur was targeted at buyers of European luxury brands.

After only five years of sales, the Merkur division was discontinued by Ford, making it one of the shortest-lived automotive brands.

Merkur (magazine)

Merkur, subtitled Deutsche Zeitschrift für europäisches Denken, is Germany's leading intellectual review, published monthly in Stuttgart by Klett Cotta.

Merkur (toy)

Merkur refers to a metal construction set built in Czechoslovakia (later the Czech Republic). It was also referred to as Constructo or Build-O in English-speaking countries and Tecc in the Netherlands.

Unlike Erector/ Meccano, Märklin, and Temsi, which were based on Imperial measurements, Merkur used metric.

It was begun in 1920 and ran until 1940 when World War II put a halt to production. It was resumed in 1947. The private company was closed down and its assets nationalised by the Communist Czechoslovak state in 1953. The Merkur toys were made throughout the communist period and were exported all over Europe. The company was privatized by some of the former employees after 1989, but went into insolvency in 1993. Later on, Jaromír Kříž bought out the company and during three years he got back the production and saved this renowned Czech toy.

In 1961, Otto Wichterle used Merkur based apparatus for experimental production of first soft contact lenses.

Merkur also produces metal 0 scale model trains.

Merkur (disambiguation)

Merkur is an automobile brand.

Merkur may also refer to:

  • Mercury (planet)
  • Merkur (toy)
  • Operation Merkur, during World War II
  • Merkur (mountain) in the Black Forest near Baden-Baden, Germany
  • RD Merkur, a team handball club from Škofja Loka, Slovenia
Merkur (mountain)

The Merkur or Großer Staufenberg is a mountain, , in the Northern Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is the Hausberg of Baden-Baden and located between the spa town and the town of Gernsbach.

Merkur (train)

The Merkur was an international express train linking Copenhagen, the Danish capital, with Germany. The train was named after the Roman God Mercury, the God of traders and travellers.