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n. 1 (plural of merit English) 2 intrinsic advantages, as opposed to political or procedural advantages. 3 (context legal English) Substance, distinguished from form or procedure. vb. (en-third-person singular of: merit)

Usage examples of "merits".

On his death without any male issue, the vacant throne was disputed by his uncles and cousins, and the popes most dexterously seized the occasion of judging the claims and merits of the candidates, and of bestowing on the most obsequious, or most liberal, the Imperial office of advocate of the Roman church.

The opinions of Arianism might satisfy a cold and speculative mind: but the doctrine of the Nicene creed, most powerfully recommended by the merits of faith and devotion, was much better adapted to become popular and successful in a believing age.

Eleven cities of Asia had once disputed the honor of dedicating a temple of Tiberius, and their respective merits were examined by the senate.

If we fairly balance his merits and his defects, we shall acknowledge that Claudian does not either satisfy, or silence, our reason.

But as soon as the first transports of joy and surprise had subsided, they began to scrutinize the merits of Macrinus with a critical severity, and to arraign the nasty choice of the army.

The grateful emperor ascribed his success to the merits and intercession of the bishop of Mursa, whose faith had deserved the public and miraculous approbation of Heaven.

Instead of depreciating the merits of Julian, they acknowledged, and even exaggerated, his popular fame, superior talents, and important services.

In the ordinary administration of the laws, the Christians, who formed so large a part of the people, must frequently be condemned: but their indulgent brethren, without examining the merits of the cause, presumed their innocence, allowed their claims, and imputed the severity of their judge to the partial malice of religious persecution.

The princes who peaceably inherit the sceptre of their fathers, claim and enjoy a legal right, the more secure as it is absolutely distinct from the merits of their personal characters.

East ascribed the merits of Theodosius to the author of his greatness, and of the public safety.

Ostrogoths were distinguished by their numbers, their bravery, and the personal merits of their chiefs.

France by their valor, their policy, and the merits of a seasonable conversion.

To her merits and intercession I have granted your life, and permit you to retain a part of your treasures, which might be justly forfeited to the state.

The ardor of freedmen, who fought to regain their country, was opposed to the languid temper of mercenary troops, who were even destitute of the merits of strong and well-disciplined servitude.

But the passions of the people are furious and changeable, and the Romans soon recollected the merits, or dreaded the resentment, of their victorious general.