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Merkle and Merckle are surnames of German origin. They may refer to:

  • Adolf Merckle (19342009), German entrepreneur
  • Ed Merkle (191787), American football player
  • Fred Merkle (18881956), American baseball player
    • Merkle's Boner, a baserunning mistake committed by Fred Merkle in 1908
  • (19132000), German industrial manager

  • (born 1918), German football trainer

  • Ludwig Merckle (born 1965), German businessman.
  • Marcel-André Casasola Merkle (born 1977), German game designer
  • Philipp Daniel Merckle (born 1966), German entrepreneur
  • Ralph Merkle (born 1952), American computer scientist, public key cryptography pioneer, and nanotechnology advocate
    • Merkle–Damgård construction, a method of building collision-resistant cryptographic hash functions devised by Ralph Merkle and by Ivan Damgård
    • Merkle–Hellman knapsack cryptosystem, an early public key cryptosystem, invented by Ralph Merkle and Martin Hellman
    • Merkle's Puzzles, an early construction for a public-key cryptosystem, a protocol devised by Ralph Merkle
    • Merkle tree, a computer hash tree, named after Ralph Merkle
  • Judith Merkle Riley (19422010), American writer, teacher and academic
Other uses
  • Merkle, a pioneer motorcycle manufacturer
  • Merkle Inc., an American customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency