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The Collaborative International Dictionary

merged \merged\ adj. formed or united into a whole; -- of formerly separate objects, groups, etc.

Syn: incorporate, incorporated, integrated, unified.

  1. joined by merging v

  2. (en-past of: merge)


adj. formed or united into a whole [syn: incorporate, incorporated, integrated, unified]

Usage examples of "merged".

Why did the Merged One allow solitaries to be born, condemning them to death and eternal separation from all existence?

God is reality, the rest is illusion, a dream in the mind of the Merged One — For a moment, she felt herself believing as he did, secure in his faith.

It’s a sign, she thought as her mind formed a prayer, it’s a sign from the Merged One, a sign from God.

She huddled against a wall, expecting the cavern to bury them, waiting for the Merged One to strike.

Maybe the Merged One is testing us to see if we can follow that belief.

His mind was fully merged within hers, and the sensation was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Her mind nearly exploded with scent and taste and sensation rocketing through their merged senses, their merged brains.

She didn't know if it was her own anger or if she was so deeply merged with Byron she was feeling his anger.

Our minds were merged together, and my nephew spoke on the general path my people all use.

Byron's mind was fully merged with hers, and she felt his reaction to her blood.

We stay merged so much, can you always tell who has the first thought?

Antonietta, merged so deeply with Byron, received the flow of information as Byron extracted it.

Antonietta merged with him, watching how he separated body from spirit, became a bright ball of pure energy, and meticulously went through Tasha's body, examining every cell, muscle, and tissue.

They came to a section of the corridor where the composite strip of the lower wall angle merged seamlessly with the hull, revealing an oval patch of the dark blue polyp.

Tubular buttress struts curved through the chamber around the Laymil body, flaring out where they merged with a wall.